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10 Jul 2019

Don’t Miss Out These App Development Trends In 2019!

Hey are you free this weekend?

No, I have got lot in my plate, and am not sure whether my next weekend would also be fully loaded!

Find it relatable?

You must have, since in today’s world we have gotten so much engaged and involved in our life that we don’t get time for ourselves, however this very circle of BUSY space is broken by the convenience offered by the mobile apps.

And today, due to glut of benefits proffered by the apps, it deems next to impossible to live even an hour without it.

Isn’t it?

Well, most of you will say a big yes to that question. It feels incomplete without these devices as they come up with very much needed features & platform to perform our assignment and daily routine tasks easily.

Mobile Apps development is very crucial in this current technologically powered world. However, it’s not just about the development of apps. But is more about the development of the type of app which sets one app apart from the other apps and would make a high scale profit to your business.

Thus, to get that ideal app developed you should blend in with the current trends in the technology and market.

You must be wondering which sort of major current trends in app development, am I referring to?

No need to go berserk…we have got it covered for you in this post, just read further.

But before enlisting the trends you must first know the importance of developing an app for your company.

In recent years the mobile apps have become one of the most prominent marketing platforms for the businesses on the global front and the reason behind. This, is very simple, which states that there is a huge rise in the number of people using mobile apps and the mere fact that they are connected to these apps continuously, gives the business owners an advantage of being connected to their customers always.

Moreover, with the ease of usage of these apps, people find it more convenient and time-saving. Thus, with just a mobile app for your business, you can increase your customer database and establish a name for your business in the market.

Consequently, if you are willing to develop a mobile app for your company, you need to update yourself on the current trends and adapt to it. With the rapid rise in mobile using customers, the demand and necessity for the development of app also are increasing.

Knowing the current trends in the app development will give you a brief insight into the type of the app you have to engage yourself with and the things to keep in mind to get a high-profit margin. The various trends in the app development are:

IoT & Wearable

Internet of things (IoT) is undoubtedly the fastest developing technology with the adaptation of it in every sector of business. It is the technology which is based on sensors system through which you can control several things such as the appliances at your home with your smartphone using an app.

Thus, this would be the highly demanded feature in the upcoming apps. Also, the wearable such as the smartwatches and the smart Bluetooth headsets are trending with many new different types of these gadgets coming out in the market daily.

This wearable could be used for many different purposes such as keeping a tab on the heart rate through health bands, for multimedia purpose through the smartwatches.

The advent of wearable technology in the app development will further grow rapidly in 2018 that too mainly in the healthcare and manufacturing domain. 

Accelerated Mobile Page

This is one of the most awesome trends in the app development. Accelerated Mobile Page is the new method of improving web page loading time in the mobile app devices. This can potentially boost and enhance your conversion, improve the bounce-rates and CTR. And can effectively retain your visitors by giving a much better user experience and high mobile search engine visibility.

Thus, Accelerated Mobile Page is the most prominent trends for a developer and online businesses. Moreover, since it is from Google, the necessity of implementing it would be higher. And the search engine web results ranking on mobile devices are going to change drastically. 

Android Instant App

Android Instant App is the latest technology in the android market. Which gives the users the ability to use any android app without actually installing. It to their devices thus by saving the time and space in the mobile. Through this, the users can view content deeply linked with an app. This latest technology is not supported by all the versions of Android. Android version 5.0 to 8.0 support the Android Instant App. 

Mobile App security

Security is the major concern for everyone using mobile apps as the information collected by the apps is personal and a serious matter of concern. This was the most awaited and looked forward trend in the app development.

Also, with the paradigm shift in transactions and payments towards the online platform. The significance of mobile app security also arise.

Thus, the app security measures should be implemented right from the initial development stage of the app like the code encryption, secure back-end, reputed payment gateway etc. 

Cloud-Based Development

This is yet another remarkable trend currently. We all know what cloud is right, well the cloud is the information technology. Which provides a universal access to a pool of configurable systems and allows to store data on it.

Nowadays most of the companies are opting for cloud-based app development. It provides a much better and streamlined operation, collaboration and increased productivity. The major advantage of this is that with this the apps can fetch the data from the cloud. Thus thereby reducing the load on the local memory of the device. This is highly beneficial for the app developers and the business owners.

 Business Bots

Chatbots are the artificial intelligence (AI) systems which generally conduct a conversation either by auditory or visual methods. The chatbots are the fastest growing technology and are expected to grow tremendously in the coming few years.

Well, these are the major latest trends in the app development and keeping these trends in mind. While getting an app developed for your business will provide you good results. Thus, to get an app developed for your company contact Techugo, the top mobile application development company in USA. And which is the reason behind the success of many established brands and the promising start-ups on the global front.





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