19 Oct 2016
Updated on September 7th, 2022

Effective Retail Mobile Strategies for This Holiday Season to Boost Traffic [2022]


Vaibhav Sharma

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Effective Retail Mobile Strategies for This Holiday Season to Boost Traffic [2022]

Shopping in brick-and-mortar places is an archaic method that only a few of us now enjoy. On the contrary, the young and vibrant generation of today’s world is more accustomed to buying products online, not from the country but from around the globe.

The festivals embark on the highest revenue for every retailer. Moreover, the continuous trail of festivals leads to business growth. 

Still, the complexity of the working schedule or daily life makes mobile shopping more popular, and people can enjoy the holiday delightfully. 

Today, with most people having their phones at their fingertips, it has become crucially important for shop retailers to bridge the gap between mobile product searching and in-store conversions. Here are a few tips to garner maximum mobile traffic to your retail mobile app this festive season.

Why Retail Mobile Strategy Is Important for Maximum Traffic?

The demand in working schedules has left us with little or, most of the time, no option to go and shop offline or road from east to west in search of varieties. However, with the ongoing tech trends, the mobile app has somehow made our life easier to go with so that we can shop at our convenience and pay in our comfort. 

The report suggests that mobile payment will likely boost $4.8 billion by 2025 from its current $2.8 billion. Today we all depend on technology to ease our issues. Our increasing reliance on smartphones has scaled up the retail mobile strategy. And today, every business finds a reliable partner in the mobile app for their products and provides an immaculate digital experience to their customers.

But why do people shop online? 

Online customers reportedly spend their time on smartphones while shopping to:

why do people shop online?

  • Consider exclusive, personalized offers 
  • Collect more information and product specifications
  • Check availability for out-of-stock items
  • Check reviews and watch videos 
  • Find warranty and return policy information
  • Compare a considered product to similar products

How Retail Mobile Strategy Helps?

Cater What Is Required

A business can be successful when it understands the demand of its customers. However, many prominent and renowned brand marketers believe their online experience surpasses customers’ expectations. On the contrary, customers have a different school of thought and don’t feel related to online brand marketing. It clearly states that you need to comprehend basic app browsing as a business owner. 

Also, you should know which product consumers are spending more time researching and which product details are checked more frequently. As a successful business owner, you must understand user behavior through your mobile app; it will help you to provide a robust platform for your digital product strategy.

Identify and Address the Issues

You must get your app development team on their toes to know precisely where the issue is sprouting. Then, once you figure out where the problem lies, whether it is in product information, user reviews, or customer service queries, put efforts into improving speed-to-load, or run more crash testing beforehand and check the bug before a heavy-traffic season. This step would help your consumer gain a better insight into better product selection and a clearer design for better UX.

Gift Vouchers

The virtual gift vouchers work as a reward for your loyal customers. You can judge more easily a pool of valuable data, and relatively easy to keep up with consumer demand. In addition, the gift card or vouchers help the consumer use your products for extended periods and attract many potential customers.

Social Media Is a Tool

Apart from your working schedule, you surf social media channels when you don’t shop. Most social media channels let the user check your product while interacting with their friends; it’s the fastest and easiest way to shop with the least interaction required. In addition, social media is a serious and captivating marketing tool for your product and converts the visiting traffic into conversion at a higher speed.

Timing Is Everything

You are wrong if you think your product is limited to a particular festival time, or you should start promoting it a week before the festival. The web and mobile shopping have gone to a little higher extent, where the holiday sales period continuously extends for the betterment. You can tempt your targeted users by scheduling push notifications and engagement strategies from the early period, staying top of mind of your users, and saving your potential customers from being swayed away by the competition. 

When you think of online shopping, a few names always pop out in your brain, like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, and Tata CLiq, it is not that they are the only ones who exist in the business. Still, these are the only ones that promote their brands from the initial period and keep their users aware of what they are planning. They work proactively and on their user’s thought processes to remember their names for any particular product. Coordinating your app­ development cycles far in advance allows you to align new feature releases with the holidays precisely.

A More Personalized Shopping Experience

We all love to feel special and at the top of the world if our regular shopping cart sends us tailored push notifications. However, as per a survey, many push notifications lead to annoyance with your customer and capture only a 5-10% open rate. 

Push notifications for your targeted users would boost the sales rate to 20%. Tailored push notification needs to work according to the targeted consumer’s geographic, regional and other holiday preferences to attract several consumers. Also, don’t make the push notifications frequent in your consumer message inbox; instead, restrict it to four pushes per week. If you are a consumer brand, collaborate with your retailers to deliver customized push­ notifications.

Summing Up!

The retail mobile app strategy has not just made shopping easier but a lot smarter. The time spent on offline shopping has reduced to browsing websites over mobile applications. We get the required information related to our purchase in a jiffy and have remarkable variations in quality, cost, and product availability. E-commerce applications provide comfort to us with less time spent on shopping, leading to the perfect and quality time spent with loved ones.

Moreover, still if you have any query, get in touch with our team to discuss further your retail mobile app concept to bring into reality. In addition, the discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your retail mobile app requirement.

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