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23 Aug 2017

Everything You Need To Know Before Launching Your First Mobile App

A mobile app is a sure-shot way to expand business on a global platform, and it is good to see that every business field has adopted it with open arms to experience the difference. The mobile app development is definitely a one-stop solution for your business goals, and it does really boost your revenue, but reading reports, which suggest: 35% of mobile app engagements last less than a minute, give you enough reasons to reconsider your app development decision wisely. I know before you take a final plunge of mobile app solution for your business needs, there are many doubts, confusions, and fears, which make a permanent place in your heart and mind, no I don’t condemn this set of unstable emotions, rather I think they are very much valid to give a thought about before launching your very first mobile app.

As a Business Head with Techugo, I daily get to receive some of the most common fears of clients, who have never ever dealt with the mobile app development and are curious to know further about it. So just in the consideration of the fluctuating thought process of many people, who are going to adopt the mobile app for their business domain or the very first time, below I have jot down, some of the most important facts you as a client MUST know before launching a mobile app, so without any further delay, here we go…let’s begin…

When Should I Think Of Getting A Mobile App?

Hmmm, it is an important question and needs to be addressed meticulously. Actually, a mobile app serves a different purpose to different businesses’ demands, for an established business, it helps to expand it further on the global front and for a startup, it helps it to established further. So, once you are convinced and confident that your business is ready to create value, add the feather of a mobile app to it sooner, because in this era of digitization a mobile app helps you in many ways, and revenue-boosting is one of the most favorite consequences of a mobile app platform. The mantra here suggests the sooner the better it would be…

Which App Features Should I Include In My App?

Is there a scale, which measures the required number of features to be included in a mobile app? Yes and the measurement scale is nothing else, but your research…when you decide to develop a mobile app for your business, you research and analyze your user’s behavior and their demand, this research you cannot give an avoid because this only helps you to build a mobile app solution which your users actually WANT. On the basis of your analysis report, explore what problems your users are facing and how a mobile app would help them to solve it further. Accordingly integrate the features, for example, if you deal in the fashion industry, and your users want an online portal from which they can access your services, so not integrating the Payment Gateway feature in the mobile app, would be a destructive decision for your business, because a mobile app, showcasing your latest collection/images/ blogs/clients/contact and other features would not serve the purpose of your users’ demand. I personally suggest my clients always to add the not-so-required features in the second version of the mobile app, which would help in retaining the users further and decrease the loading time of your mobile app due to excessive features.

How To Promote My App?

Mobile apps have become a serious business to deal with due to the excessive demands of the app technology from the users’ ends. The chaos of mobile apps in the field of the mobile app world has made the entire game of mobile app a little riskier than before, and somehow it has become the survival of the fittest. I don’t aim to scare you, but want to alert you with the wrong strategies picked to promote your mobile app. The soaring competition needs something different and something unique to help you win the battle, and marketing plays a huge role herewith. I recommend not to leave any stone unturned to market your mobile app, many mobile app development companies claim to make your mobile app a successful product, but these all verdicts justify only with Harry Potter movies, but in real life marketing works on a different ideologies, which is combined with a series of research, building hypothesis, testing and experimenting, learning, iterating and then scaling what works in real-time. You simply can’t rely on 1 or 2 marketing strategies, rather you need to cover the complete horizon of app marketing, so your targeted users would learn about your mobile app from every corner. For instance, if you are picking the email marketing and SMS marketing, then turning deaf to other marketing strategies like Social-Media marketing and content marketing, would not be healthy for your app’s health, because your targeted users are wider, so your marketing reach also needs to be wider to fit in their taste buds.

Which Mobile App Development Company Should I Pick?

I feel little sad to accept the fact, that not every mobile app development company running in the race of app development field is worthy to be your app development partner. You have to play attentive and open your eyes, before picking a mobile app development company for your app project. You need to search and select a company on the basis of its technical expertise, exposure and the unbiased reviews from their clients. This set of information is easy to be grabbed from the listing websites like Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms, Skilled, Extract, AppDexa to name a few, since these sites conduct the interviews with the clients and publish on their portals, so you get a refined version of reviews/feedback and the quality of the project they have handled so far. My tip here goes that never pick a mobile app development company for your project, on the basis of cost, because it might sound alluring to you initially but in the longer run, the least charging mobile app development companies, always leave your project in the lurch, due to the inefficiency of their technical expertise, and you would end up hiring some experienced mobile app development company to complete your project, which would cost you more than you have thought of.

What Would Be The App Development Cost?

The App development cost is something you need to know beforehand, but it thoroughly depends on the various factors, and to know more you can read it further here, but an average mobile app with average features can start from $5,000.

These are some the questions which perplex many first-time app development seekers, and I really hope that with this blog you may get a basic information, which you need to know before launching your first mobile app. On the flip side, to get a perfect app development solution crafted through the hands of a right mobile app development company can be an easier task, if you have a tried and tested mobile app development company name shortlisted to cater your app requirements. To solve this, I would like to suggest a leading name in the mobile app development industry- Techugo, which has the every possible element to make your mobile app successful. Techugo is the reason behind the successful business expansion of many established brands and startups across the globe and getting your mobile app specially crafted from the hands of technical experts from Techugo, would be a delightful experience for your business growth. You can learn more about Techugo at and you can also get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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