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4 Nov 2019

Google Turns Santa; Offers New Apps For Digital Wellbeing!

With the launch of its six different applications- Post Box, We Flip, Paper Phone, Desert Island, Unlock Clock, and Morph, Google has finally kicked off its Digital Wellbeing Experiments. Let us unfold the topic and get to its roots!”

Would you feel any different if your smartphone’s screen displayed a complete detail of the number of times you have unlocked it? For any tech-savvy millennial, flooding of the phone’s notification tray or the constant nagging of the social media alerts is not at all unnatural. But it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that the complete situation of phone addiction takes a serious toll on one’s health.

But to keep our addiction in check, Google is blessing us with six new applications for digital wellbeing. For most of us its the best early Christmas surprise ever!!!

If you own an Android phone, then you can easily relish this new health-pro initiative by Google.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing Experiments

Ever since the launch of the Digital WellBeing Program, 2018, the company has expanded its reach by introducing more apps and features like Wind Down.

Available on Google Play Store for free, these experimental digital wellbeing applications are stirring up the world’s curiosity. According to the company, its aim is to encourage businesses and mobile app development companies to create similar and creative well-being tools.

So without any further ado, let us know more about the 6 digital well-being experiments.

1# Post Box

By bundling all the notifications together for a specific time, this app focuses on reducing the number of distractions. Users can select the time they want the notifications to be delivered. But don’t worry, the in-flow of notifications won’t flood your system, rather they will be neatly organized.

Just like the good old post box, it delivers the entire glut of notification at a specific time.

2# We Flip

When a user is sitting in a group, this application helps the user to completely disconnect with their phones. It is based on a simple idea. Once all the smartphones with the We Flip app are in the same area, they establish a connection via the nearby permission.

After this, users can simply flip the switch in order to start the session, and in the end, everyone can check their respective performance. The company hopes to develop community digital well-being with the help of We Flip.

3# Paper Phone

With the main motive of cutting back the phone’s usage, it helps the users to fetch the printout the entire information that will be required for the entire day. By prioritizing the required information like contacts, meetings, and maps, users can get a print on a paper.

So with the help of a personally printed booklet, Paper Phone disconnects you with the smartphone.


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4# Desert Island

By challenging the users to get through the day by just using a few of the basic apps, Desert Island reduces the dependency of the user on the smartphone. After downloading it from the Play Store, the user needs to survive by just selecting three of the major apps.

After a complete 24 hours, users can easily check their final results.

5# Unlock Clock

This application act as a live wallpaper that shows the total number of times the user has unlocked the smartphone. It keeps a track record for the entire day and helps the user to keep a check on their addiction.

After downloading, it appears on the live wallpaper. According to the company, it helps the user to understand their smartphone usage.

6# Morph

This app is used to sort the notifications based on the user’s location. For example, a social media notification during work is as distracting as mail notification during the work out session. Hence, the phone based on the user’s time/ place automatically adapts and sends the notifications accordingly.


Doesn’t it encourage us to adopt a healthier path, even if we are completely immersed within the era of digitalization? Such applications are aimed to encourage businesses to dive into the creation of well-being applications. So if you are keen on adopting a more holistic approach, then choose a team that has the required experience for the same.

Techugo, a leading mobile app development company, has an enthusiastic brood of young and talented developers, QA analysts, designers, and marketers, who not only feeds on technology but is also keen on giving it a healthy twist.

So reach out to us and get started with your wellbeing app strategy, today. For more information, feel free to reach out.

Happy reading!!!


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