31 Jan 2023

How to Start Using White Label Fundraising Platform?

White Label Fundraising Platform

Are you looking to launch your own business? Do you need help with what you need to do? This article will help you; thanks to the development of crowdfunding, online is now available. Crowdfunding is an excellent method to transform your dream of starting a business into reality since you can get funds from successful fundraising. However, the primary question you’ll be faced with is whether to choose the most popular crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter or launch your Crowdfunding donation website using an established white-label crowdfunding platform.

What is White Label Crowdfunding?

White-label crowdfunding is a flexible platform that lets businesses launch and manage the crowd Fundraising campaign of their choice without costly development or maintenance costs. These services are usually offered by third-party firms and are branded with a company’s branding, logo, and design components. With a white-label crowdfunding platform, businesses can profit from the increasing popularity of crowdfunding to raise money to fund their projects, products, or services and still maintain control over the campaign design, appearance, and design. In addition, these services offer valuable information and analysis that will aid businesses in understanding their target audience and enhance their marketing campaigns.

How to Utilize a White Label Platform to Automate your Fundraising?

Utilizing a white-label fundraising platform is ideal for simplifying the raising efforts and speeding up your fundraising process for your company. Here are some ways to maximize the benefits of this kind of platform:

Make the platform customizable to fit your white-labeled brand- Platforms are usually highly customizable, allowing users to customize their design elements, logo, and even their message. This will enable you to make your platform a seamless experience for your users and ensure your message is instantly recognized as being your own.

Create a concise and persuasive campaign– When preparing your campaign, clearly explain the goal of your fundraising efforts, the goals you wish to accomplish, and the benefits of backing your campaign. This will make it easier to find potential donors and improve the likelihood of your campaign succeeding.

Make use of the platform’s built-in tools to advertise your campaignWhite-label fundraising platforms have many options and tools that assist you in promoting your drive to a larger public. For instance, you could integrate social media to promote your campaign on different platforms or utilize built-in analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust it according to the needs.

Use the platform’s built-in reward and payment systems and gateways Many white-label media include built-in compensation and payment systems that allow you to collect funds and distribute dividends efficiently. This could make it easier to save time and effort and will ensure your campaign is running smoothly.

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Make sure your supporters are engaged– Please use the tools for communication on the platform to keep your supporters informed about the developments of your campaign, and remember to acknowledge their assistance. This can help create trust and loyalty, which could be essential for the successful running of your campaign.

12 essential aspects of an online Fundraising Platform

While evaluating all the sites for fundraising, There are ten essential aspects to consider. The most effective fundraising areas offer the features you want at a cost that is within your company’s budget .So we’ll take through 12 of the most crucial elements.

Mobile-friendly, brand-named, and intuitive pages for donations

Selecting a white-label fundraising platform with an easy-to-use interface for users can help you avoid many hassles. For example, creating donor forms and web pages should be possible by copying and pasting codes, switching switches, and clicking buttons. Engaging an expert developer or spending hours learning how to code is optional.

A custom-designed, branded donation form with your organization’s favorite colors and logo will make your cause appear more professional, organized, and reliable. Some online giving platforms provide minimal personalization. However, many online giving platforms permit you to put your features on your website.

You can add photographs of your work or fonts that align with your brand’s materials. Make sure to design your page using your company’s logo, color palette, and graphic icons. Specific platforms allow you to apply custom CSS codes and personalize your entire site.

Recurring gift

Did you know that the typical regular donor will make 40 percent more annually than people who make one-time donations? You’re missing out if your nonprofit isn’t taking regularly scheduled gifts! Choose a White label fundraising platform that provides regular flexible options for weekly, monthly, and quarterly giving.

Pro tip: Give your patrons the option of recurring gifts monthly, weekly, or quarterly. Also, allow them to change their credit card information and recurring donation. This will help build confidence, ease of use, and transparency. It saves you some time on administrative tasks, too!


Crowdfunding software lets your community of donors blend their small donations into an impactful change. It’s an excellent method to raise funds for a particular project or fund in an allotted time. Everybody can be enthusiastic about progress by using the thermometer for a goal (shown below). This creates excitement, and could bring gifts!

Pro tip: Make sure to find out if the donation sites you’re considering offer options like the temperature gauge for your goal, the virtual wall for recognition of donors, and a designated space for the latest campaign announcements. It is also recommended to include social media sharing options on the page to ensure that your supporters or donors can help promote your organization and its campaign.


The Text-to-give campaign is an efficient method of raising funds to support your cause. This is an excellent option for donation drives on the spot or conferences, as well as for events and other occasions. Donors can swiftly and efficiently contribute to the causes they care about by texting a specified number and then donating their mobile.

Specific payment processors on the internet include text-to-give capabilities.Looking for a feature that allows repeating donations when choosing a platform with text-to-give capabilities is suggested. It can help you get more assistance as you let your donors make repeat donations—the last contribution by sending a short word to the exact number.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Many enthusiastic supporters of your organization frequently attend your events, are eager to give back, and even provide donations. However, do you wish to avoid getting them involved in the organization and giving them opportunities to support you more effectively?Peer-to-peer fundraising can make that happen. You can ask your supporters to create their fundraising pages and use them to share with their networks (family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors) to raise money for your charity. It’s simple and works as a fantastic way to expand your reach, increase donations and gain potential donors among your current supporters.


There’s no better method to create a loyal supporters base than by running a member program. As a nonprofit organization, you should build an enthralling group of supporters and keep those who support you by rewarding their efforts by offering rewards and perks. So how do you begin the process in a planned way so that your members’ data and information about payments are secure and can be accessed and used at any time?

Choose the best white label crowdfunding platform that allows you to do this. The best white label crowdfunding platform you choose will likely let you design membership campaigns, add custom memberships to different levels (as many as you’d like), and store all information securely in the backend. Additionally, the process should be as easy as it can be.

Registration for the event

As a nonprofit organization, you frequently organize events to raise funds, spread awareness, and reward those who volunteer or do anything different. Why not consider an online platform for fundraising that allows you to create tickets and event pages online, and calculate the fair market and tax-deductible prices for each type of ticket? A website for your event will allow your attendees to purchase tickets in two clicks and then receive the receipt of payment right away. How simple is it for you to manage all of your events throughout the year from all one location? There is no need for an additional tool, spending lots of money, or having your personnel educated on multiple devices!

The donation that is in line with

Many donors’ employers offer to match their donations that are eligible to a charity. Some charities reach 1:1, and some games 2:1! So when your company isn’t able to solicit matching gifts you may leave money to be wasted. Instead, opt for a donation site that reminds supporters of gift matching or is integrated with the match-making service for facilities. In the image below, you can see that the widget for gift matching is included in your donation page. It’s easy to locate and makes people interested to learn more about it.

Donor management

While some fundraising platforms let you process donations, others also help manage donor connections and keep records. If this is appealing, consider a giving platform that can function as an all-in-one fundraising solution for managing donors.

It is also recommended to select a platform that allows your donors to have an account on their own, which will enable them to manage their donation plan and swiftly make a second donation should they wish to, and also download receipts for donations to their mobile devices.

Pro tip: Recognizing a donor’s essential milestones (like birthdays or giving anniversaries) can be a great way of developing a trustworthy, positive relationship. 

Integrations with third-party providers

Look at your organization’s system to send email addresses, donation receipts or manage projects. You can make your life simpler by selecting an online donation system compatible with your current systems. This will help you simplify your working day and eliminate the need to duplicate your tasks. According to the old saying, be more brilliant and not more!

Integrations such as that are possible with Salesforce to help you streamline donor data management, Zapier to streamline your nonprofit’s workflow, and connect to your favorite apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, ActiveCampaign, Airtable, and many more. 

Multiple payment options, secure processing

Today donors don’t have to give by credit card. Instead, many appreciate the ease of making donations using Apple Pay,Google Pay,Venmo, or PayPal.

Allow donors to donate to your cause by accepting various payment methods. Check out the types of payment methods that your online fundraising software permits you to take. Utilizing a secure payment processor will make donors feel comfortable. Create trust with your donors by ensuring that your white label fundraising platform is closed and has security as the top priority.

Remember: Refrain from cutting corners on security when searching for a donation site! Instead, find a system that is focused on safety and defines specific protocols. 


This shouldn’t be the last item on the list, but it is! Affordability is among the most crucial aspects of selecting a white label crowdfunding platform software.Choosing one that does not charge users a fee to sign up or a monthly fixed fee starting from the beginning is recommended. This way, you’ll explore the program for a while and then take the time to learn the best fit for your requirements.

A platform with any or all of the above features might charge additional fees for using certain features. Therefore, please conduct your study to evaluate its costs against other platforms with similar features and select the one that meets your needs most. However, remember to consider the future. There might be options you do not require at the moment, but as you get more advanced and expand, you’ll need them. If that’s the situation, a program that doesn’t cost you for the exclusive features it has but allows you to enable the elements for a few dollars each time you need them is worth it.

The benefits of using White Label Crowdfunding Platforms

Here, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the advantages of selecting a customized white-label fundraising platform and decide what you should do to ensure a successful startup.

Get a Fully Customized Platform: Several white-label crowdfunding platform software providers provide a fully customized script to get a personalized website per your requirements. This eye-catching site will surely fascinate your audience and donors, and you will be able to get your targeted funds.

Save time and money for custom development. If you purchase a white-label crowdfunding script, this will significantly reduce the time and cost associated with the result of the process, as it starts with no assistance from outside. A white-label crowdfunding industry allows you to use the full development of a script at only a tiny amount of cost.

The risk of exposure to your creative idea You can have a low risk of being exposed to your opinion in the crowd since you are the sole boss for your fundraiser. Therefore, your concept will be viewed by investors or donors, and you’ll receive the money you need.

Simple and effective publicity and Visibility: We provide our fundraising software with built-in social media features, so it is easy and efficient for you to promote the word and promote your page on your fundraising to other social media sites. It also allows users to promote the campaign via social networks and aids in attracting maximum social attention and visibility.

You are the boss: In this case, it is said that you’re allowed to determine the time limits, goals, and perks according to your preference, and there are no limitations since you are the sole owner of the fundraising website.

Easy and Convenience Our fundraising software comes with user-friendly and fundraising features that make it simple to use by the people who use it, including the project’s owner, donors, project owners, and the administrator.

How do you build a white-label Crowdfunding website?

You’ve already experienced the advantages of using white-label crowdfunding software. Now, we’re hoping that you’re interested in using crowdfunding software to help your business.

Before you start, here’s a brief overview of how you can build or change the branding of a white-label crowdfunding website to promote your campaign.

  • Purchase a White-label crowdfunding program

Purchase crowdfunding software with a white label. Where can you get it? There are many white-label software providers on the web.They offer a variety of customizable white-label software to suit different needs. You’ll surely enjoy their range.

  • The customize option allows you to change the brand

After purchasing a white-label crowdfunding platform, install all essentials on your computer. Then access the settings to customize the program. If it comes with an interface for drag and drop, and you’re lucky, then you’re fortunate. You can edit the software within a couple of hours. You can also incorporate third-party software if permitted to bring specific features.

  • Link a secure payment gateway using the software

The next step is to connect to a reliable and safe payment service to collect cash from your customer. In this scenario, you must think about yourself and your customers. Think about the costs you’ll be paying for the gateway and the security advantages and rewards your funders receive. In the end, balancing this can lead you to the most appropriate payment processor.

  • The campaign should be launched in the proper domains

After the modification and integration with third-party gateways or software, customization, and integration with third-party gateways, it’s time to begin the campaign. White-label crowdfunding platform software comes with domains that the creator owns. You can use them or host them in a different environment if you want to. This will incur the cost of the part you want to host.


White-label solutions can be effective for companies looking to raise funds and expand their business. By providing a flexible platform for the launch and management of crowdfunding campaigns, the options can assist businesses in reaching more people and joining a worldwide crowd of supporters and backers. Furthermore, the data and analysis provided by these platforms can give companies valuable information about their customers that can help inform their products and marketing strategies.

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