2 Nov 2017

Major Mistakes Of App Design

A good time spent on your mobile app, often leads to some serious shopping business, because users love the app design experience and find it different from the website, and they can easily grab the required information at their fingertips.

Mobile apps come in different shapes and sizes fitting the requirements of every business and end-users and are quite many in numbers, but every mobile app wins the heart of every user, is not necessary, and gets rejected by the users after few strikes on the app.

As an app developer, when you invest your skills and talent in the development process, yet the final outcome is not welcomed by the users, generally leaves you with a drained mind, that when every aspect is perfect then how a mobile app is not faring well on the stores…hmmm, it is disturbing and unpleasant to know, but unless you know the major root cause it can really not work in your favor.

Apart from the development challenges, the stage which requires a deep understanding and has to be tackled intelligently, is the Design of your mobile app, which cannot be ignored at all, and must be given full attention and must be designed after a thorough research and understanding of the end-users. Also, there are certain DON’Ts which most of the app development companies follow unknowingly and these mistakes, take a toll on the success scale of your app, so let’s discuss some of the don’ts which must NOT be considered while designing your mobile app, let’s take a look….

Mistake # 1

Overcomplicating App Design

I personally have a belief that, ‘keep the things simple to avoid complexity,’ and it completely fits the bill of app design. Many app designers mistakenly add some designing attributes in the app design, which only make the app design a crumpled app solution, sans any value.

App designing is an addiction and if you don’t control, it only creates the catastrophic situation for your app future. The best practice suggests that keep a strong ASK from yourself that whatever you are designing, is it actually going to help the users, and how far you can reduce the complexity. Work on making your design avoiding the over-lapping the app concept, integrate symbols and interfaces, which are completing the app design and concept.

Mistake #2

Filling The Screen With Irrelevant Content

A mobile app is developed to translate some of the issues and the problems faced by the users, so it must dictate the functionality more clearly and must not give any other fact or information, which is not required by the users.

The formula is very clear, if your users want A-D services then you need to stop at D only, don’t need to talk about E-G, it only confuses your users, so integrate the Design content with the relevant information only, keep yourself away from any superfluous recommendations or advertisements to go along with your app content.


Letting the tedious On-boarding process

The users, who visit your mobile app, often have very little time and ZERO patience and the worst point fact suggests that users always yearn for something new.

App designers try to grab the users’ attention with the animations, which is indeed a nice aspect to make a tight grip on users, but if your app serves this every time, wherein your users want to make a quick entry, then these animations irk further. Keep the on boarding process effective and ensure that the users can relate to it, rather getting aversion from it.


Avoiding the UX Design Mapping

The UX design mapping is the thoughtful planning of an app’s UX architecture, and it lets you analyze the design work required in a mobile app.  App designers who generally chuck the design mapping, they create a confusing and bewildered app design, where everything exists without a systematic approach.

Get a hold on the app UX design mapping, sketch down the app flow and once the desired sketch reflects, let it get completed with your finer brush strokes.

These app design mistakes can cost you app rejection, if not considered seriously, so ensure that you miss every possible chance to factor the cause for app rejection. I understand that not every mobile app development company is able to deliver the desired result, but one mobile app development company you can count upon is Techugo.

Techugo strives to give the best app solution depending upon your app and business requirements, so you can experience a boost in business revenue exponentially.

To know more about Techugo, you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:
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