16 Jan 2018
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Biggest Mobile App Launch Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2018


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Am launching my mobile app this week, and am pretty excited, yet the existing horrible examples scare me enough to avoid every possible blunder to happen to my mobile app.

It’s a very common thought process for someone, who is going to set on an innovative voyage of the mobile app for creating the better business possibilities. The sad fact suggests harshly, that not every mobile app which makes a visit on the stores, survive the competition and excel further and most of the mobile apps, despite having a great app concept behind their origination, lose the track of getting successful and recognized.

How painful is it??? L

Yes indeed it is, but there are few over-looked app launch factors which if are taken into consideration can help your mobile app to grow massive and bigger, so why not just take a look at those factors through this post…

Skipping Targeted Users’ Market

When an app concept gets ready to come into existence, most of the marketers and the developers trust their gut more and skip getting familiar with the audience, which sounds good to them, but actually is quite unhealthy for the mobile app success.

Your app’s audience actually helps you plan a strong marketing and development strategy for the mobile app and support your app concept further. Thus it is highly recommended to get full-fledged information about the users’ market.

You can research and understand your main market to help you understand and give a voice to your users’ needs through the mobile app platform.

Procrastinating The App Marketing

The app marketing is a big game, which involves the intricacies of different marketing layers and luckily these layers have to be invaded by the marketers a bit early and need not be waited for long to proceed with the app marketing strategies. Unfortunately, many app marketers live with a misconception that app marketing can only happen once the app is all set to hit the market, but as I mentioned it is merely a misconception, so it needs to get rid of from….

Since the carrying out this strategy would only cost the loss of huge amount of revenue and sales pattern.

To avoid this issue completely, you need to develop a solid marketing plan much before the app is launched and it has to be integrated with the best possible strategies to make the app a successful venture from every corner.

Poorly Designed App

The app design is something which needs to be taken fully into consideration. A mobile app design is something which speaks of an app and the concept behind it and helps the users to utilize your mobile app without any tutorial required.

Many mobile apps which have made an entry in past years, had been poorly executed app design, and which helped those apps to get avoided and rejected by their targeted audience effortlessly. This is heartbreaking since those apps had the potential to make it bigger in the app market, but due to the app design flaws, the apps failed to survive.

Don’t let this happen to your app in 2018, and make sure that your app is designed and developed with the help of proper planning and research conducted at every required step of app development.

Turning Deaf Towards Reviews

App reviews, yes when something good speaks of your app, you feel glad, but some of the negative reviews, make you skip them without a blink…I know we all go through this situation, when a good review bring us glad-tidings, whereas the negative review only force us one step closer to either delete or avoid the review, but you know it is indeed a wrong approach, a negative review, though sounds acerbic enough to vilify your app’s image, but eventually paying attention to the negative reviews, plug-off the chances of maligning your app’s images to the maximum.

The moment you decide to address the negative reviews and reply your users, you create an invisible trust-bond with your users and they feel cared and heard for their concerns.

Not Investing Time In Marketing Plan Development

It is really great to know that you are working dedicatedly on the mobile app concept and to make it worth you are carving every feature and the functionality to work in the favor of your app’s success.

But while doing this, developers skip the process of developing a successful app marketing plan, and pick any random strategy or work with NO strategy at all.

Which indeed is harmful for the success of your mobile app and expecting your mobile app to work wonders with such a loose marketing strategy, it is surely a short-cut for the app failure.

You need to understand app marketing does not happen out of the fluke, but it needs to be planned and executed in accordance with many aspects, which have to be well-assessed and analyzed before initiating the outline of the app marketing plan even.

Do not wait till the eleventh hour to strike the bomb on you and you make the marketing plan then and there, rather the app marketing plan must be a well-thought decision must be taken along with your app development process.

Selecting A Wrong App Development Company

Many business owners, in their own concept of getting the app development company, select on the basis of cost factor, or just a random app development company, whichever comes first in their reach.

But sadly, this approach is absolutely wrong and you need to pick a top mobile app development company in USA, which is able to handle your app requirements with a sizzling app solution through their technical expertise and the exposure.

Don’t fall for the least-costing app development companies and you need to understand that a least costing app development companies are often some of the least experienced and inefficient app development companies, which abandon your app project in between, in the event of any technical challenge.

Following these tactics thoroughly would help you to make an app with a successful future in 2018 and would help your business to touch the new heights of success with an app platform.

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