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20 Jul 2017

What All You Need To Be An Android App Developer

As a client a mobile app is simply a set of codes, which are incorporated wisely by the industry experts to get a perfect Android mobile app on the Google Play store, but the reality is something else and it is way beyond the coding itself. As an Android app developer, you need to be well-versed with the various Android concepts, and failing in any, lays a loose foundation for your Android app development career. So if you have decided to make a career in the Android app development, than it is the high-time to tighten up your belt and pull your socks to let the best happen to your dream career. If you are not aware what all it takes to be an Android developer, you must read further to get yourself feed with required strategies…let’s read further

JAVA Knowledge

It is a technical language which is the foundation of the Android development process. Just to update you further that it is on the same road of JavaScript and Ruby, but has a rigid way when it comes to handle the data. As an Android app developer, you need to play more carefully and smartly while coding and assigning the scarce memory resources on Java. As a matter of fact, Java is quite particular about it’s each component so as a developer, you have the freedom to write less code, but it needs to be on a succinct track.

Well- Equipped With  XML

Just to break the tech chord, for my readers, lemme quote the XML in a familiar language, so basically XML is a markup language which lets the information to be transferred between devices, so it can be understood effortlessly. It is used to encode data for Internet-based applications.  As an Android app developer, you are required to use XML to create the Android app layout, and it allows you to write Java code to modify the app layout, even when the Android app is running.

Android SDK

The first time I heard it, it seemed to be a secret code, but on a technical front it stands for Software Development Kit, which is a complete package of sample projects with source code, development tools, an emulator, and required libraries to build Android applications. It is a software development kit that enables developers to create applications for the Android platform. The examples which come along with the SDKs, make it simpler than ever before for the new Android app developers to utilize the SDK efficiently within their Android mobile app.

 Android Studio

For the new Android developers, it would be the most exciting feature in Android development, wherein they can use Android Studio, which is built on top of the well-respected IntelliJ IDE, and can be downloaded on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and replaced the Eclipse Android Development Tools as Google’s primary IDE for native Android application development process. With this Android developers can have the out-of-the-box support with full -featured IDE. For example, the code completion allows to create auto-complete suggestions as the users type and on the other hand, code debuggers the Android developers to identify the source of errors within the code. The Android Studio helps the developers in many ways, so their code would intact within the mobile app while giving high performance.

Android APIs

A mobile app is simply not just a source of code, which your users would enjoy, but to engage your users you need to integrate many other services like check calendar from a third party service. With Google APIs, developers can easily connect to their own APIs from their Android app. They can let the Google APIs to monitor the location of users, users can search for local places and many other exciting services can be a part of Android mobile app.

Data Base Storage

Your client company would always hold data which cannot be well-consumed in a mobile app platform, and the database has to be stored somewhere outside to interact with your mobile app, whenever need be. With Android platform, you store your mobile app data on cloud services like Firebase, which offers the simplest APIs to store data in the cloud and make it available across all types of Android devices. You need to be well-versed with the database management, so your app users can easily access data, when they are offline even. So as an Android developer, you need to grasp the full fledged knowledge about how databases work, and how to use it in your app.

 Material Design 

Google has introduced Material design as a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across Android platforms and devices, which lets a new style to be picked for an Android app, and it also helps in setting the color palette, and default animations for touch feedback and activity transitions. To cut the story short, it helps the developers to use various elements on the screen and use specific styles in the mobile app.

So these are all the basics, which you need to start with for a successful journey of an Android App Developer, yet there are many other technical terms which you need to well-versed with in order to achieve an impeccable standing in the development field. Also, the another most important factor is to get the worthy projects to try and explore your skills further.

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