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29 Jan 2017

What Separates A Good Retail App from A Bad Retail App

People often go berserk about the mobile apps, wonder why? Technology has taken the mobile apps to a level where it can be customized to fit the user’s pocket. The crowd of mobile apps on the app store has led to a different attitude to be harvested among the users, and that attitude is fondly called ‘Being Picky’ about the selection of mobile apps. The need of retail apps for any business is under NO DENIAL stage, due to the strong circumference of technology around us. It is the most ubiquitous term in every business to convert every lead into sales, but the on-going competition, pressure of the user’s demand and technology stir, make it all a little tricky and challenging.

As a retail app, one needs to acquire a series of mandate features, failing to which, any app, no matter what concept it carries, will doom to failure. To save you from the horror of depletion, one must give attention to some of the most important features to be integrated within the retail app to make it successful and survive in the Odd River of competition. Your app features will extract the good apps from the jungle of bad apps and this filtration can only be achieved, if your dream concept meets the right guidelines through the top mobile app developer. Following are some of the important and much needed features for the retail mobile app, take a look:

  • Don’t Stick With One Payment Option

I read it somewhere ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and this adage justifies well the retail mobile app payment option as well. When you go for shopping, your indulgence does not limit to one particular shop or an option, rather you look for more variety to suit your taste and convenience, same applies to retail apps as well, you should not restrict the payment option to one only, but let the customers pay the way they want to. The recent demonetization act in India has already uplifted the cashless movement, so integrate mobile payment options like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and PayTm Wallet, along with the debit and credit card payment options. You should follow these options religiously within your mobile app, because, if your users fail to find their convenient payment option, then chances are higher that your competitors will be picked over you.

  • No Tech-Hiccups In Purchasing Experience 

Users want to take a full usage of the mobile apps and the options erupted out of competition, lead to more demanding nature within the users. You have to be extra careful while providing the retail mobile app for them, because any loophole or delay in the transaction process would mark a bad experience for the users, and they would feel cheated and consequently would avoid your retail mobile app from every angle next time. Remember, any technical glitch in the transaction process would make you lose the sales, so make sure that your retail mobile app will create a happy purchasing experience for your users which will be smooth, quick and error-free to make the users visit your retail mobile app time and again.

  • Let The Users Track

The ultimate fear of a user is to never receive the product after buying online. The better way to win their trust is by letting them to track the product delivery. Online Shopping should be an experience with your retail mobile app, then a nightmare. Your mobile app need to give a discovery process to your users where they can get the actual information about the product, which is not showcased to rave about your product line, but to give them a factual condition to know what is available and what not and how long it would take to deliver.

  • Location Intelligence

This era speaks technology, designed for the user’s convenience, so as a retailer, you need to make sure that your user would get the sense of comfort, while using your app. You can enhance their experience by allowing customers to find the products easily, integrate the product location with mobile coupons and price comparisons to get the maximum attention of your users. You can also add another exciting feature of call for service directly to the users, where they can directly call from their Smartphone and find out about the services, such as: real-time product availability, physical store locations (if any); product suggestions; and integration with the customer’s personalized shopping and cart lists.

  • Let Them Feel Special

Early in the morning when you login to Google on your birthday and Google shows, Happy Birthday Greeting with your name, you feel top of the world, although the feature is all about certain technology which grabs the information from your Gmail account, but the feeling it gives, is beyond expression. I agree, with the competition claws getting tighten on you, it gets a little difficult for you to achieve this task, but if achieved can make you an instant hit amongst the existing and potential users. Learn about your users buying preferences and provide suggestions on the basis of user’s unique and individual tastes. This will involve your back end to manage the data, which will give the information based on the user’s particular style and brand choices.

The coming years will bring more competition to the retail industry and the smart retailers will see the value of investing in a power-packed mobile app for their business needs. But unless the mobile app serves the purpose which is based on the customer’s requirements, then it would be a complete waste. You need to be little extra wise, while picking the mobile app developer for your retail app, who cannot just be your developer but would turn your partner in development. At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the  leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team  has the expertise to create a unique  variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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