15 May 2020

Tech Startup BrainBox AI Raises $12M CAD For Expansion


Ankit Singh

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Recently BrainBox AI a Canada-based autonomous building technology raised a total of $12 million CAD funding. Let’s know more about it & understand the processing.

Montreal-based BrainBox AI owns the technology that allows automation of any sort of building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. In a pre-series, A round the company was able to bag a total of $12 million CAD. Pre-series A is not a common term we use for funding rounds but can be easily raised between Series A and seed. This sort of funding usually comes into effect when the founders feel the need to achieve milestones and postpone Series A.

The company plans to put the funding towards the deployment of AI technology in buildings in different regions like North America and its home market Canada. These funds would also support its expansion in international markets, for example, Ireland, Australia, and the UK.

The company enables HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) in building in such a way that they operate autonomously. This way the buildings are able to reduce 25% of total energy cost. It also claims to boost employee comfort by 60%. It is clear that the raised amount would allow rapid expansion in both existing and new markets.

A Brief Introduction About BrainBox

The company is at the forefront of a completely new era in building automation. BrainBox is basically a leader in the green building revolution. It is located in Canada and is a global AI hub. They consist of a team with skilled professionals of AI, real estate, data science, energy efficiency, and HVAC.

It is a fact that almost 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions are from buildings. Out of that percentage, 50% of those emissions are due to HVAC systems. These facts are the driving factors of the company.

In case there is no intervention, these gases will continue to ameliorate. They will have very harmful impacts on the environment. The team at BrainBox AI is dedicated to fighting a war against climate change. They are doing so by bringing change. The increase in the use of innovative and cutting-edge artificial intelligence for the development of greener and smarter buildings is a huge step towards a better future.

It makes use of self-adapting AI technology so that they can proactively optimize the energy consumption of the buildings. Its AI engine supports a self-operating building that doesn’t need any intervention by humans. With the help of the proprietary processes, cloud-based computing, deep learning their technology autonomously the present HVAC. This is done in order to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

How It Is Making A Difference?

The increase in the use of AI technology in HVAC by BrainBox AI helps the environment in multiple ways. Take a look-

  • 60% boost in occupant comfort
  • 3-month payback
  • Almost 25% reduction in total energy cost
  • 20 to 40% reduction in carbon footprint

How The Company Is Utilizing The Power Of AI?

HVAC system contains 51% of the total energy that is used in commercial buildings. The problem with inefficient and poorly designed systems is that they are costly to manage. Not only they are major producers of greenhouse gases, but they are also ineffective at maintaining comfort levels. BrainBox AI engine is designed to provide significant savings. It also reduces carbon emission with the help of a self-operating building. One can move from reactive to pre-emptive operations management in a simple manner. Take a look to know about the steps involved.

1. Getting Acquainted

The first step involves knowing the process. The solution catalogs and identifies the building’s specific operating behavior. It analyzes the energy flow by collecting data from all the possible sources- internal as well as external.

After that, it develops a building energy profile in order to make informed predictions about future energy flow. The technology collects multiple real-time data points like-

  • Humidity levels
  • Duct pressure
  • The positioning of sun or cloud
  • Outside temperature
  • Fan speed
  • Heater status
  • Occupant density

2. Optimizing Flow

It uses over 25 customized algorithms that operate in real-time. The engine instructs the HVAC system in a way so that it can operate in an intelligent and efficient manner. This is the manner in which the process operates in aircraft in auto-pilot.

3. Constant Improvement

The technology provided by BrainBox AI constantly analyzes and amalgamates the data. This way the generated data can further optimize operational efficiency. It can also discover other unique insights. BrainBox answers the following questions to improve efficiency-

  • Which HVAC units have fewer mechanical issues?
  • How are changes in occupancy levels impacting energy consumption?
  • Which HVAC units are the most energy-efficient in cold/ humid climates?

The company is constantly moving forward to achieve perfection. It is collaborating with multiple prominent partners and several institutions to improve the platform. Take a look at the different institutes that the company is working with-

  • U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Institute for Data Valorization
  • Montreal’s École de Technologie Supérieure
  • McGill University

The company wants to develop an algorithm that would map the entire building’s HVAC control points. It would do so while abiding by industry and government standards. The autonomous nature of technology makes it truly scalable and decreases energy consumption in buildings by 20%. With access to such impressive technology, the company is looking forward to making a positive impact on the environment and real estate.

It is interesting to watch technology bringing actual change in the environment. Just like this, AI technology holds better opportunities for several businesses to get global. If you want to find your best fit, then reach out to the tech experts of TECHUGO, a leading app development company,

But until then stay tuned for more.

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