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18 Aug 2017

How Technology Is Redefining The Education Industry

I remember the time when I hit the college, my studies had been too much demanding and the worst part was that I had to keep my family trips and gatherings at bay in order to meet the demand of the curriculum. I can easily recall that drafting notes had always been the most inconvenient part of my studies, not just in writing, but also to manage, but could not help, since writing and storing the important lectures was the only resource to attain quality marks.  All this mentioned above would sound hilariously off-beat to today’s generation, who is able to store and manage their study data with just one tap, and the credit goes to technology, which has revolutionized the education industry in a way, that now it is no more an inconvenience, but a delightful experience to store and manage the data.

The invasion of technology has indeed turned the every industry in a unique way and has benefitted the users and the industries enormously, but the education industry has not just got benefited from the technology but has empowered this sector further to create the better and has expanded the learning possibilities for the students and the academicians. It is futile to mention that the technology has made the education more effective and efficient than ever before, but there are certainly more benefits which have interwoven in the fabric of benefits oozing from the combination of education industry and technology. Let’s discover more with the following points…

Accessibility Without A Fail

There had been a time when students wanted to pursue the degree courses from distant universities, but time, fee and distance had always been barriers to their achievements, but with online classes’ option, students from any corner of the world can access their desired education at the affordable fee and at the time of their convenience. The online courses are the most favorite courses among the students, which help them to sharpen their skills and get closer to their goal.

Unbiased Assessment

The technology has played a major role in carving out the best possible talent and in this league the online assessment holds the pivotal part. Many colleges, institutes and study centers are conducting the digitized assessment process, which let the students take the test as per their convenience and these e-assessments are thoroughly impartial, which helps the authorized team to assess the student’s knowledge and help them to pursue a distance learning or apply for a particular course. This move has helped the numerous students to get assessed and selected without even visiting study center; it is a convenient and impartial way to select the best out of all.

E-Study Material

Gone are the days, when students had to invest their time and money to attain the required study material in the shops and libraries, but the technology has made a great impact in offering the personalized study help to the students through E-study material. Although the taste of libraries is irreplaceable, but the e-study material helps those students as well, who are unable to visit the library on a regular basis, since the required study material is easily available on online libraries and ebooks and helps the publishers and readers to discover each other with the help of a mere click on the Smartphone.

Webinars and Video Streaming

The live-videos streaming directly from the teachers are most common and with webinars and video-streaming teachers can share their ideas and knowledge with the students. These webinars are more engaging than the classroom seminars because here students can ask their queries and discuss it further with their speaker. This is the most preferred way, used widely by the teachers and educationists across the globe, to deliver engaging and fruitful lectures to the students.

Educational Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the most robust innovation of technology, which have covered the every industry and everyone loves it. A mobile app for education is the most engaging avatar of technology, which has changed the concept of the modern education system and has made the learning an engaging mode of learning. The mobile apps for the education industry, give the privilege to the students to access their e-notes at any time at anywhere, and students find the learning interesting and fun with colorful images and moving animations to engage them further. Also, there are more number of benefits to be associated with the educational mobile app, such as:

  • Enhance interaction
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Utilizing Free time
  • Easy to carry
  • Instant updates
  • Help to track child’s progress
  • Easy assessment of projects and assignments
  • And much more…

Having said that education has brought a whirlwind of benefits in the education industry not just for the students, but also for the teachers, is not wrong. Undeniably technology has helped to create a global platform for education, eliminating the borders and continents to bring out the talent and skills further in the students. Albeit, the internet itself has brought a significant change in the education industry, but technology further has added the number of benefits to the education industry.

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