26 Dec 2018
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Does App Marketing Really Help Your Business Idea?


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App Marketing

.A good question indeed!

Did you get this in your mind too after reading the first line? Well, that was my response too when one of our clients asked me.

This question was popped amid the regular conversation I was having with a client, about the mobile app marketing plan for the app, and a million-dollar question came out.

On a personal front, I liked the question, the simple reason is that. Because for a business owner, learning the outcome of any efforts is indeed a MUST especially. when you invest a lot of efforts. As it helps them to track and plan ROI on the app more clearly.

Thus after that discussion, I decided to address this burning question a thought in this post. So let’s begin….

We all know that how well mobile phones have become an integral part of our life, and whether it a bus, metro or even malls; you can see people engaged with their mobile phones.

However, the smartphone is the basis of this connection, but the apps which are the very much part of that digital device.

With the constant evolution, the phones initially created for simply connecting us with our loved ones. But now they have become a computer. Which we can hold in our hand and can carry anywhere easily in our pockets. The integration of internet facility, within the phones, has brought the globe to an axis point. Where we can access different services through a mobile app.

The technology upgrade in mobile phones has resulted in the innovation of mobile app and with the passage of time. They become so popular. Due to easy access to the internet in it, mobile phones have become one of the most powerful tools in the world. All of the industries are highly impacted by mobile phones. And the development of mobile apps has revolutionized the mobile industry.

Eventually, apps have changed our everyday life and also have provided solutions to life-threatening problems, but competition in the app market is increasing daily as new apps keep launching in the market. So, top companies add digital marketing in the app development and every business needs to have a mobile app.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way of marketing in which we use electronic media platforms. It also involves the promotions of the mobiles apps. So, basically, it is the app marketing with the help of digital channels. It is a bridge which provides opportunities for the audience to install and use mobile apps. It is a safe, healthy and highly effective platform to increase awareness about your app.

Why Digital Marketing In App Development?

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to record the app download, app results, and bounce rate. It also provides permission to the user to check information at any place and time. Given below are some reasons why digital marketing is important in app development.

Affordability: Main aim of any company is to increase their users as much as possible. So, in order to do so, you have to create awareness among the users about your product, which can be done by marketing and advertising. Also when compared with local marketing methods, digital marketing method is less expensive and more powerful. Thus you can cover a large number of audiences with an affordable budget and it will also give you better results at low cost. So most of the companies use digital marketing in mobile app marketing.

The robust brand building of app: Digital marketing provides you a platform where you can build your app brand name. You can promote your brand easily and there are more chances of your app to go viral with ease. Because more viral your app becomes the number of users will be there thus getting more reputation for your app in the market. Also, all these things can happen with ease via using digital marketing in mobile app marketing.

Trackable and measurable: The major aim of all the companies is to convince the users to install and use their app. And convert those users to permanent customers. So, in order to do so, they have to maintain the record of the users. For which they use digital marketing to keep track of the users like. how many users download their app. How many users are currently using their app and also determine conversion rate. So, by keeping all these records documented well you can check how much your campaign is successful.

You can also pinpoint the areas where more work and focus is essential to take your company to a new height.

Global access and approach: Global approach is also the main factor in the growth of your business. However, it takes a large amount of financial resource to get the global audience. And also it can be impossible to get global audiences sometimes due to various barriers in trade. The best solution to this is the introduction of digital marketing in mobile app marketing through which the companies can reach. And access global audiences with ease. All this is possible due to the strong social media, content marketing and other digital platforms available. Nowadays on the internet giving your app the opportunity to get famous all over the world.

Time efficient: We all know the importance of time very well and especially in this fast-paced world. Where time is most valuable even more than money. In business, time is the essence. So by using digital marketing, you can save a huge amount of time. Which can get lost when using traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing is time-efficient as we can access records of a number of downloads, conversion rate, and many other things easily and efficiently by saving a lot of time.

So digital marketing is like a blessing for the mobile app marketing as coming with unique ideas is not possible always. So, in order to grow your business. You must focus on the marketing of your product. And this digital marketing is the best option to choose with mobile app marketing.

And just to give the final update, the client who turned out be the main reason behind the inception of this blog. (thanks to him) Did opt for the digital marketing for his app and needless to say marketing initiatives have started to shower the blessing on the app already.

Still, if you do have any doubt in picking the marketing for your app project, don’t waste time and reach the leading mobile application development company  to help you understand the potential of marketing for your project.

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