25 Mar 2019

AR Is Transforming The Identity Of Businesses

Augmented Reality

With the advent of technology, not a single industry section has got spared and is influenced by the latest technological advancements.

I am sure I am not cracking a mystifying bubble here, when I am talking about new technology, spreading its wings in our daily routine landscape, and rather it can be ascertained, that every minute there is a new technology, erupting out, o bring the convenience for us.

It is a global fact that technology has somewhat changed our way of living and working. Today we are surrounded by the umpteen number of technologies, wherein an AI enables Alexa can resolve our issues and then there are self-driving cars as well, which can change the way we experience a place.

In this race, one technology, which is creating a constant spark in every possible industry and nook and corner of the world, is the Augmented Reality.

Yes, I know again I have not made an exception here, by sharing the information about AR, but believe me, there are a couple of aspects, which not everyone is aware of, about this very technology.

Therefore, I would like to share my views in this post today, the potential of Augmented Reality and how it has beautifully invaded the different industries and the businesses globally.

Let’s find out together…

A Glance At Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR, is the best outcome of technology emergence, which has proven to be highly useful in our everyday lives. Be it the social media filters, to the surgical procedures in the closed walls of operation theatres; AR has spread its popularity and the reason is very obvious because it can bring the elements of the virtual world, into our real world.

This enables us to see, hear, and feel every product, in reality, therefore calling it a cusp line between the real world and the virtual world, would not be wrong.

Different Types of Augmented Reality

Yes, you heard me all correct and fine, there are multiple ways through which AR technology can be experienced. Let’s take a look at the different types of AR;

Marker Based Augmented Reality

This is also called the Image Recognition, which utilizes the camera and visual marker, like QR/2D code, which further brings out the result, when the marker is sensed by a reader.

Markerless Augmented Reality

It is a very popular type of AR, also called location-based, position-based, or GPS. This is further used in GPS, digital compass, velocity meter, or accelerometer, which are embedded in the device, and further offer the data based on the location.

Projection-Based Augmented Reality

This type of AR works by projecting artificial light onto real-world surfaces. This further allows the augmented reality applications to feel the human interaction by sending light onto a real-world surface and further since the human touch of that projected light.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

This type either partially or fully replaces the original view of an object with a newly augmented view of the same object.

AR Technology And Popularity Trait

Albeit, considering the above-mentioned information, it is super-easier to analyze the worth of AR technology. Considering the number of benefits offered by the AR, the answer feels very obvious; that augmented reality will continue to be a huge part of our everyday lives.

Indeed, augmented reality has carved a monumental impact on our day-to-day life, not just for the amusement purposes, but also for the business too. However, a larger chunk of users, believe that Augmented Reality is only sufficed to Pokémon Go and other such games, but as a matter of fact, this very technology has wide-spread its reach to a larger audience base for different verticals of businesses and industries globally.

In the current time, AR technology has become one of the most popular tools to attract and engage the targeted audience and further help the brand to hog the maximum limelight of the market.

Industries that are getting flourished with the advent of AR technology, are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Navigation
  • Retail
  • F & B Industry
  • Enterprise
  • And, Journalism as well…


AR in Journalism???

Yes, it might sound awkward and little insane to some of us out there, but actually, AR technology has been widely used in test cases in journalism.

Augmented reality journalism has just begun its journey, and would be on full stride by the year 2019 end.

Now with the help of AR coverage of certain news pieces, gives them ample space to the readers to not to just get the abstract piece of information, rather now they get enough of the information through the freedom of visualization and this has further been proved by the mobile app – Quartz; an iPhone app, which includes the news stories in augmented reality, and if reports to be believed leads to around 10,000 new downloads within the first week of its launch.

Considering the expanding benefits of AR technology, this can easily be ruled out that sooner AR would chuck the obstacle for your business to gain the recognition in the market, and this has already been sensed by the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

An Israeli virtual reality startup Infinity Augmented Reality has been acquired by Alibaba. This Israeli startup enabled the augmented glasses platform for a wider range of industries (retail, gaming, medical, etc. and helped them to integrate AR into their apps.

This partnership explains the strong future lying in front of the eCommerce with the fusion of AR technology, where it is likely to experience the sensor fusion, computer vision and navigation technologies for consumers.

To conclude, it can be said, this technology advancement would definitely bring out many new ideas and inventions, which may excite different industries to invest their time into their business model.

The leading app development companies like techugo are utilizing this technology and trying their best to make it accessible to every user, by integrating it into their mobile app solutions. Needless to say, but sooner the transparency offered by the AR technology would bridge the gap between the immersive set of information and users’ adaptation.

Read More About This Topic: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-vr-reframing-healthcare-industry-ankit-singh/

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