9 Jul 2020



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The mobile app industry is booming and flourishing exponentially, this leads to many innovative factors to be a part of our daily life. However, when it comes to the usability aspect of an app, then surprisingly the excessive number of apps in the market, has made users looking for more.

Indeed, today’s app users are very demanding and they don’t have time in the world to wait for a mobile app to perform well.

One app performance issue is sufficient to bring users closer to your competitors!

Ouch, that hurts! But this is the fact, and mobile app performance issues are one of the biggest business sins in today’s fast-paced economy.

For a business to run smoothly, integration of app technology is not a fad but a necessity. At the same time, mobile app performance optimization cannot be ignored, and it is the key differentiating factor for success.

Your users are very much attentive to this fact, that what do you bring to the table; if your app lags or gives a sluggish performance, then it may die sooner. These words might sound intensely harsh to you, but trust me, the faster is your app, the better it is for your business.

Well, if you are still thinking about my words, then you must read this post further to fathom how optimizing your mobile app can help you write an elevator story for your business.

Brings unceasing impression

We all have heard the adage, “the first impression is the last impression,” although it is a moot point for many out there, but trust me for a mobile app it fits the bill very well. The loading time of your app defines your business FIRST IMPRESSION, and failing to capture that, destroys everything else in the run.

Your users are very impatient, as they have multiple options waiting in the app market. You have got those 3-SEC to capture the attention. Failing to it, you only drive them towards your competitors, creating a nasty situation for your business.

You should never compromise on the app speed in any given situation, and optimize it enough, so your app gets launched in lightning speed time.

Improves brand image

A mobile app is not just a portal to showcase your services or offerings to the users. But it is a medium which resonates with your users’ expectations, and what they are willing to get from your business. A faster mobile app serves its customers and creates an image for the company behind it.

It goes without saying, but as a brand, you get to improve your brand image with an efficient and well-performing app solution.

A great way to pristine user experience

What does an app aim to do? 

To offer convenience and comfort of accessing your services…right? 

This all together defines the user-experience and puts them in category whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied with your services, offered through app technology.

When your app performs well, then you don’t have to put constant attempts to win their trust and love towards your services. But this job gets well-managed by an app, which does not lag or give hard times to users.

To make everything work in your favor, you must ensure that the app should be responding well to its users, and does exactly what is asked for. Further, users must feel engaged with your app and must get value out of it.

Optimization shuns off uninstalls

Ahh, an uninstall is nothing but a distasteful condition for businesses, where their lovely consumers prefer a competitor’s app on theirs. 

Do you know why does this happen?

The large portion of this bitter cookie goes to unpleasant user-experience because your app screwed up that remarkable experience, which they were looking for.

You need to provide a reason for your users to stay hooked to your app space, and that can only be possible when you OPTIMIZE its performance. It is highly significant for you to trim down the uninstall rate by optimizing app performance.

Further, it not just helps your users but also boosts SEO performance leading to improved customer retention rates.

Food for thought

You must not strive hard to attract users, but strive hard to make their experience count with an irresistible app solution!

A one-second delay can shut the door to an unimaginable revenue generation tool for your business. Further, it puts your business reputation at stake, keeping conversions at a bay. Hence, to build an app solution that builds higher goodwill and brand image, you must get an impeccable app solution.

To help you get a competitive edge in the market, we at Techugo are working round-the-clock, so your business doesn’t suffer due to app performance. Our team ensures to craft flawless app solutions for your business, letting your end-users stay glued to it. 

If you are willing to increase overall conversions and profits with a scalable app solution, give us a call today.

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