9 Sep 2021

Businesses Adjusting Their Focus to Reach Heights Using Smart Glasses!


Surbhi Bhatia

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Smart Glasses

UNDOUBTEDLY, the 21st century is a witness to the tremendous technological enhancement and businesses adopting the same. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and more came forward to contribute to our lifestyle and make it easier for good. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses permanently shifted to the digital approach because of the advantage and convenience it offers to both parties. Therefore, began an exciting journey! 

Now that businesses were selling online, it became essential to convince and assure their customers about the quality of the products. WHICH IS WHY; more and more merchandisers integrated AR with their on-demand mobile app.

For instance, you must have noticed mobile apps enabling customers to try clothes, glasses, etc., virtually. 


AR also supports wearables such as smart glasses that uniquely incorporate physical and virtual information in a user’s view field. Moreover, smart glasses are widely being used for efficient working due to the availability of real-time information. 

Do you want to know more about the future of AR-based smart glasses? Keep reading! 

What’s next with the Smart Glasses?

Smart Glasses

For centuries, we’ve been using glasses to improve our vision. 

It was like a support to the weak eyesight!

However, now as we see a massive improvement in the ways technology works, glasses are being turned into smart glasses. 

But, what are they?

We know you must be curious to learn about the functioning of smart glasses. Therefore, sit tight as we are going to talk about the same.

In simple words, it is similar to wireless connectivity that we see on our smartphones or computers. The only difference is that now the information will be displayed on the glasses or lenses of the smart wear. 

Isn’t it cool?

Use Cases of Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses Uses

How can smart glasses improve the overall lifestyle? 

What are the smart solutions offered by the technology?

These are some of the most asked questions by people. So, therefore, here we are answering it for you today! 

Take a look at some of the top-notch use cases of the tech:

1. Video Collaboration 

One of the leading applications of AR-based smart glasses is video collaboration, which enables working with the experts in a “See-what-I-see” mechanism. It is a remote system functionality that can improve the working of numerous sectors. 

Be it field service or complicated engineering support; more and more organizations are heading towards adopting smart glasses for boosted mechanisms. 

2. Complicated Manufacturing 

It is a mix of productivity, speed, accuracy, quality, and compliance, considering the assembly lines. These are the primary areas, and the functioning of smart glasses fits perfectly with them to maintain standards. 

3. Construction and Building 

Smart glasses in the construction and building industry can provide a safer and hands-free workflow, leading to improved speed and productivity. Additionally, the tech also helps in eliminating errors and structural inspections. 

4. Logistics and Warehousing 

While workers can be hands-free because of receiving real-time information in their field of view, they can spontaneously locate, collect, and deliver items to their destinations. Notably, smart glasses have become a perfect substitute for scanners, printed material, and more. Therefore, it leads to an acceleration of productiveness, decreased errors, and expenses. 

5. Validation  

When it comes to maintenance, nothing else can beat AR solutions. Technicians can receive visual information using the glasses; therefore, they can effectively execute tasks like assembling, repairing, etc. 

6. Consumer Level 

Smart glasses can play a vital role on the consumer level.

Do you want to know how?

Interestingly, the consumers can use the tech in museums to enhance their experience by displaying the information. Tourists can use the same for directions and exploring unknown places. 

Additionally, sports people can use the smart-wear to monitor their speed, distance covered, and other information. 

Smart Glasses: The Tech That’ll Drive Our Future

The current usage of smart glasses is convincing businesses to adopt the same as it has the potential to perform wonders in the near future. Though the tech still lacks when it comes to public usage, it is not surprising that big names like Apple and Facebook are working with AR-powered technology.

There’s a significant increase in the adoption rate of tech by businesses, and they are efficiently using the opportunity to remain competitive in the market. 

In conclusion of the same, we can only say that AR-based smart glasses are a great technological asset and addition to the market. It adds great value and provides convenience to an exceptional extent. 

Are you impressed with the functioning of Augmented Reality? 

If that’s a yes, why sit back? 

Connect with our team of professionals and get insights on how you can integrate AR into your business for skyrocketing benefits. 

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to this space for more relevant information.

So, what are you waiting for?

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