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There has already been much written about what to ask your developer before planning for an app, but the internet shares a very limited space with the questions to be asked from your client. 

Yes, it is true, as an app developer, you also have the viable prerogative to query your clients, to satiate your understanding of the mobile app development process.

The queries are many on the technical front, but today we are not going to take a dip into the technical perspective merely, since the technical approach and demand for every app varies from one to another, on the contrary, we shall discuss the generic questions to be asked from your client to get a better hold on the app concept.

How being inquisitive helps you?

If a project is started to meet the level of your expectations as a client, then you need to gear up to the questions raised by your app developers to gain a fruitful product in the form of a mobile app. 

The calculation is very simple; if you need a perfect mobile app for your business, then you need a platform filled with inquisitive souls who can mold the app development as per your requirement and concept bearing.

However, it can only be achieved if there is a valid and logical set of queries raised from both the ends. The series of pertinent questions, here goes following, go ahead:

Check out the reason behind building the app

You don’t need to jump on the gun, after getting a lead from your marketing channel, rather you need to engross in various points to understand the mobile app concept and the reason for its development. 

Ask your client, the main motive behind developing the mobile app, whether it is an enterprise mobile to increase workforce efficiency or is it an eCommerce mobile app to boost the sales process. 

If you feel this question set is futile enough to give you a clear indication about the app development process, then you are certainly wrong, because these questions would help you build an efficient wall of required features and functionalities, needed to develop that mobile app, which runs seamlessly.

Find out more about the targeted users

The subsequent question after the previous question is to know the targeted users for the mobile app. You need to research and understand which purpose the mobile app will solve for the users, how it will help. 

The targeted users have to be searched on a wider scale, like what is their need, which mobile platform they use, this complete set of information helps you understand and know more about your targeted users, and what actually the need to make your mobile app a successful product.

Understand financial limits

No, you don’t sound pushy with this question, it is a common myth to not to indulge into the monetary aspect, and certainly does not imply well with the mobile app development process, because there is technology involved. 

The monetary part is not discussed for any sort of negotiation from either end, but to know what your client wants and what his limitations are, maybe there are certain features required by the client’s end, which can spike up the budget, so it’s always better to have a clear understanding of the budget range. 

I understand mobile app development is a serious game to handle with care, which involves an ocean of unpredictable expenses to be involved with, the only sigh of relief you could get is from an estimated budget. 

The budget estimation from your client’s end speaks a big deal, you need to ask them for a range in which they want their desired concept to take shape, for a new client this question works as one of the essentials, since if the client does not divulge the range. 

It is a clear sign that the project is not a serious boat to sail, rather just a vague idea of a client who is killing the time with you. The budget range would help you to decide on the cost involved in the initial build and get an awesome app that would get better and better.

Find out the goal behind

A piece of very common advice to all app developers out there, KNOW who you are working with? Who is the driving element behind the project, which means who gives consent for every aspect? Who is the budget holder? Who is the Project Owner? Who makes the final call of the decision and very importantly, you need to know the concerned person who would be consulted at what stage to move from Ideation to prototype, to build, to test, to release. 

These all points if decided and discussed beforehand with your client can crack a major deal without creating any fuss about anything. 

Check competitors

To know about the competitors, do not yell out that you are gonna have every single feature ‘Cut-Copy-Paste’ option, on the contrary, it does not support the plagiarism. 

Once you know what is already being sold in the market, it should not be repeated within your mobile app, so know your competitors and learn what you should not do and what functionality can influence your app features as well. 

After complete research, you can discuss it with your client and share your views on the mobile app development process.

Ask vision behind the app

Every app is designed and developed for a specific reason and for a particular audience base, and unless this vision is materialized, the app can never grow successful. Hence, ask in detail from your client, what are they planning to achieve with this app, what made them initiate this concept, and what is their vision behind it.

Once you get the answers to these questions, then nothing can stop you from making a successful app solution.

Final thoughts

You need to follow these question strategies quite religiously and ask your clients from the basic phase of mobile app development. It might sound a little harsh to some of you to bash your clients with these many questions at an initial phase. 

But trust me; this strategy will help you emerge as a promising mobile app development company, which does not negotiate for anything less than perfect.  

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