13 Aug 2019

Independence Day Special – Technology Is Boosting Women Empowerment


Ankit Singh

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Independence Day special

Every independence day, the freedom that we celebrate and relish wouldn’t be possible without technology development & advancements. From airplanes to radar, everything was the giving of technology, which is making our lives more easier today. Though, the way women empowerment has grown through technology is remarkable.

This year again, the dawn of 15 August 2019 will make us experience a wave of liberty, harmony, enthusiasm, and peace in our heart. This day enlightens our senses. And takes us into the deep ocean of gratitude, where we get drenched with the color of pride, respect, freedom, and patriotism.

Freedom is what everybody wants in his life. Freedom of speech, self-expression, and freedom from discriminating, all of that we celebrate this day. While this day remarks the independence day of India, it just brings the story of heroes of the independence struggle. Though, the motive of writing this blog is not to tell you their story. Instead, here we will glance over a part of our society, which we address in speeches and articles, though always talk about vulnerability. And will talk about how technology is empowering this section.


In this patriarch world, where men have always enjoyed the supremacy over the women. It has never been easy for women to gain significance in the society, Though, women have shown great courage and have broken all the barriers came in their ways. They set the world on fire by just burning down the every reserved vertical of society into ashes. From doing hazardous jobs to become scientist, they stepped in, showed their skills and just won the world. And, now they are being recognized for every establishment they make.

However, the technology has a big hand in the success of women. It has empowered the women of today. There was a time when women didn’t have ways to express themselves, no matter how talented and successful they are, they had to hide inside their veil always. But technology brought that freedom to women, one couldn’t even think of. Here are some ways the technology has changed women’s life.

How Technology Is Empowering Women? 

There is no dearth of aspects that shows women’s life have changed thoroughly, and technology is a major triggering factor. Let’s see some aspects of technological advancements that brought a big change in women’s life.

  1. Self Expression On Social Platforms 

There was a time when, women had no ways to express their thought, ideas, even their talent of art. The arrival of social media has removed this loophole from their lives. The social media platforms emerged out as a place to open up and remove the old and worn out practice to seek interaction with known people and keeping thoughts & talent hidden.
Now women, join different social media platforms express their thoughts, speak out openly and even show their hidden talents.

  1. Access To Knowledge & Skills  

Previously in India, not every girl could acquire skills and knowledge just because of various social orthodox and thinking of conservative people. Altogether, money is also a major factor that prevents women from acquiring knowledge.

Now several online programs and study material are available on the internet. Which are helping women a lot in order to become skilful. Besides, it is easy to gain information regarding courses of interest over the internet. Which was previously not possible for the women, and for that, they had to rely on men of the house.  

  1. Break The Society Norms And Choose Their Partner 

Women were always subjected to subjugation. And! they were never free to choose their life partner or know the men out of the family. Though the time has changed, and now this is the new era when she can not even choose her partner but can also date the man she likes.

Dating mobile apps have helped women earn this sovereignty. These applications make her break the social norms and know people of different background and date them.

  1. Stand Against The Wrong Deed  

Have you heard about ‘#metoo movement’ on social media? Yes! the struggle against sexual harassment on the streets that women face all around the world. The course of the movement was so intense and flooded the social media channels with the stories of sexual harassment in hours. It fueled the women spirit and they raised her voice against the wrong.

Indeed, technology has provided women with the strength that she lacked in the previous centuries.

Apart from these, programs like ‘girls who code’ and ‘Girls In Tech’ are also aiding women in doing various IT jobs and earn a big position. Well! There are many other aspects that always emerge out over the internet, putting women in the limelight. So, here are some other aspects related to the independence of women in society, some questions asked too many times by some free souls.

What are some of the best things women can do to support other women’s growth and development? 

Workplace and the companies are the biggest battlefields for women, where her empowerment is essential. There are many ways to support women to grow and develop, though it can only be possible when women walk with women. You might have noticed the men always stay in groups at the workplace, hang together, cooperate and seek interest together.


Though, women try to fly like a free bird. The only way to gain supremacy and grow together is by making strong bonds and help each other. Girls should hang with other female employees, and ensure a close harmony. Help them in accomplishing work and encourage them to stand even in odd situations. The fact is ” every women’s success is an opportunity to learn”, and in this way, only a woman can help other women in winning the significance in the society.

What you can do to empower your female employees? 

Today, every IT employer talks about the empowerment of women in the technology sector. And! various endeavors have been made by employers of several mobile or web application development companies. Since the women have taken up their journey to become engineers, coders, and scientists, employers need to utilize their skills and encourage their flight.

If you want to empower your female employees, here are some ways that can help you. 

Firstly, conducting Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program can be a great help. These programs are a great platform that give women employees a voice and a group to leverage the interior of an organization. These type of programs can empower women to grow both personally and professionally, create leaders and make career paths for them. Altogether, it strengthens the sense of equality, transparency and promotes dialogue.

Including Allies is another way, where you can empower the women among the male allies and boost up the level of conversation among them. This makes women more immersed in the workplace, and removes all-gender adherence and improves the culture inside the organization. Including men in gender diversity efforts is essential just because it unchains the women from the patriarchy system make them equal. Altogether creates progress in better gender representation. Just a seat at the table can aid all of them learn to propel women. And support their voices throughout the organization. The matters like pay equity, career development, flexible work schedules, and more can become more positive if males would ally the programs.


Altogether, you can provide a variety of programs that appeal to women empowerment at all levels of the organization. This could include showcasing the inspiring stories. And by offering the opportunities for your employee group of engaged employees to make them learn about other leaders’ journey such as what challenges they face as a woman and how did they fight them off. This can be the best ways to empower women in the organization.


Women Empowerment

From the above, it is apparent that the technology has a big role in the empowerment of women, both in social and corporate life. Women are gaining significance and defeating the patriarchy that is prevalent in the corporate and social system.

For every woman, it takes courage to stand out and face the fears that hold her from walking alone on the streets in the dead of nights. But now they are not alone. Every person from the corners of the world is standing for them. Technology is backing up at their side and providing the support to live life with passion.

So that every woman can accomplish their goals. Various giant ventures today have flagged various technical assistance to make women more safe around the world, such as Google introduced tracking assistance in  Google Maps and provided Stay Safer features  just to help women. Companies like Uber & Instagram have also taken various initiative to empower women’s position in society.

Indeed, technology development & advancements have brought a huge change in the life of women. And this Independence day must mark the women empowerment through technology in society. To understand the women here see some women in tech that has showed the world that women can become tech experts, coders, developers, engineers and everything that they set their mind to. And cherish. encourage and celebrate the women’s zeal to become they wanna do with their life & work.

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