14 Nov 2017
Updated on May 13th, 2022

Naming An App? Is It Really Tough?


Ankit Singh

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When you think of a mobile app, many emotions and feelings start fluttering in your belly, and out of those all, something which really comes in abundance is the confusion, which makes you oscillate between to do or not to do situation, considering the every risk factor involved in the app development, it gets riskier then you have even imagined for.

But as every situation has its very much own demand and relevance, in the same way, every single bit of information related to it has its own worth too, and you cannot expect your mobile app to do wonders, just due to a great concept favoring its development, no you indeed need a very much robust survival plan which means, every single detail as a part it  needs to be perfect and faultless.

As a mobile app development process begins; the tension, new challenges, new risks also proceed along with the development process. Thus, you need to pay extra attention to what you are going to and how it would look like after the final efforts made on it….

But unfortunately what happens that while giving the minutest care to the development the very basic element for the application success is taken for granted and largely affects the success of it. The aspect which bears the resemblance, but often forgotten is the APP NAME.

An app name?

Does it really make a difference?

How can it affect my app success?

These are the very obvious questions, which would make an entry into your brain, and you have very much right to get answers. And the answer lies in the following blog piece….just don’t wait any longer and remain stick to my blog further…

The Significance of App Name

Its name is not just any other factor, which is a part of your app, rather it is something which cannot be long forgotten and it is a brand identity factor.

Through a great name your potential and targeted users recognize your product and willing to use it further. Thus its name needs to qualify certain standards and must leave the trail behind which would allure the users further. They must evoke the emotion, when a user prefers to try your services through the app, the very first interaction a user faces is the name. This product lets the user talk with your application, it is surprising to know, but it actually works on your users’ psychology and provokes them further, to utilize your product or try it at least.

The name eventually picks the emotional chord and helps the users to connect with the product and once the users are connected with it through the name, then the very next thing is to help your users stay connected through the app icon, title, description and these functionalities and features.

Words Need To Relate

Every single word, image or design of the name, needs to resonate with the purpose of your app product. Every word which explains the name of it must depict the culture, aura of your product. For instance, Facebook literally might not suit the taste of readers, but it depicts clearly that what it stands for.

Opt for meaningful words, adjectives combo, noun, verb or any other fragment combination to make the name sounds more near to its functionalities.

Images Can Also Work

Many application names are actually not just the names, but have a hue of simple and unique piece of the image as well which clearly speaks that what the product concept is all about. For instance, the most popular Instagram app, merely depicts a Camera as an app icon, which gives a clear indication to the users, that this app is all about pictures and anything which they could relate with the camera. Thus, if you have something really relevant to boast off, as your app icon, then splash it away, apart from the app name.

There are several popular apps available in the market, wherein their icon has gained more weightage than the name itself, and are easily recognized by the icons itself, so if your brand is already a known version in the app market, then pick the brand icon as your app recognition tool, and your app may get popular through the app name and already popular brand icon.

Explore Market

I have gained this aspect from my experience that your competitors are your best teachers, not just in terms of what to do, but also in what NOT to do…

When an application comes in market, it not just serves the purpose of serving the users, but also offers the value to the users, which clearly explains that how to make your users stay tuned to the apps for a longer period. As an app developer, your first most concern arises when you realize there are apps available in the abundance and are doing pretty well in the market, so why not to sneak something from the same name and app-style?

Let’s do it…Huh,…it would hardly get noticed by the users…

Wait wait wait …if you are also going to follow this footstep, then you need to press the BRAKE…why? Because just by adding an extra hyphen or giving that extra P in the name, does not serve the purpose at all, your users are trained, they are able to distinguish between original and plagiarized application name…so instead of wasting your energy and efforts on a duplicate…play original…

An app which does offer any unique experience, but the copied stuff from the existing apps, they always get buried into the uninstall grave sooner…so play safe and work on your original ideas and concept, and make your application go viral.

I know, these points are not sufficient, but there is much more thought to consider this further. The app name if picked with the right tone, great research, and with quirky words (pertaining to the app genre ) help your application to rank easily in the apps stores…

So let your creativity get on the full bloom to grab a winning situation for your app’s future….

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