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2 Jul 2020

Online Grocery Apps Are Thriving During The Covid-19 Crisis

Grocery app download number has swelled worldwide and has grown 218% from February to mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The COVID-19 has brought a sudden change in our life, and now the way we access services has transformed into a digital shift. And record demand for online grocery shopping has encouraged many physical stores to embrace the digital curve to deliver services.

Due to pandemic, it has become a normal scenario to gear up with gloves, a cloth mask, and an arsenal of hand sanitizer, along with staying more than six feet away from other shoppers.

How app technology is helping in buying online grocery?

This is the NEW normal we all are getting used to. However, to win this battle the inclusion of mobile app technology has helped us in abundance, and let us buy groceries online.

Surprisingly, Grocery apps are the biggest long-term beneficiary as it was expected to grow before COVID-19, but pandemic has accelerated this change and it is happening faster than it ever could have organically.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most enticing benefits online grocery apps have got to offer…  

Home delivery 

Amid pandemic, when the world is facing the crisis, social distancing is the new norm, and grocery apps help in meeting this demand efficiently. With the online ordering, users get the option of home delivery or store collection. This helps users to avoid crowded areas and get their delivery at their doorstep.

Avoid queuing or parking hassles

An online shopping portal brings comfort and convenience in abundance to the users, and also at the same time, it removes the unnecessary hassle of queuing at the checkout to pay. Further, users don’t have to juggle with the parking hassles and negotiating the in-store crowds. This helps users to make faster and better-purchasing decisions, fueling your revenue goals.

Quality of food is assured

The dissatisfied customers are the biggest challenge in the physical sores; if a customer finds a product that doesn’t meet their expectations, they simply go to another store. Whereas in the online store, customers get the full opportunity to share their feedback and in accordance with app owners can improve their products. Also, in the online stores, every product goes through the QC process, which brings great comfort for the users to get the quality and quantity as mentioned.

Also, a reputable store provides a guarantee to refund the money or exchange the product, if customers find any issue with the quality.

Money-saving with home delivery

When you go for grocery shopping you need to walk around or travel to the grocery marts. This consumes your time and money in traveling than further there are charges for gas and parking as well. However, when you shop online then this excessive baggage of expense gets removed and you can shop from the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling in the metro. Also, the price comparison lets you save big amount on your purchase.

Stay safe and break the pandemic chain

Grocery shopping is a hard business, which makes you get indulged in various steps, such as meeting new people, touching surfaces, exchanging money, and many other facts, which are sufficient to spread the virus. As there is no cure to this virus, precaution is the best safety measure available, but to meet the daily demands of grocery it is hard to avoid the contact. This is where grocery apps have come for the rescue, letting every delivery reach your doorstep where you pay online and minimize every possible reason to spread the virus.

Why your food store should go online?

In the past few years, there has been a major shift in the way consumers shop online, and the credit goes to mobile app technology. This convenience has let users grow comfortable with digital means. Further, technology has allowed users to order online in an easy and quick way. No doubt, app technology has created a bridge between the physical and digital world. It lets the users grow comfortable, henceforth it is necessary for your retail business to go online.

Food for thought

When you decide to proceed ahead with the grocery app for your grocery store and want to expand your business, then you get confused with grocery app development cost.

However, you should not get worried due to this, rather you need to discuss it ahead with your app developers and understand the best features and functionalities to be a part of your app.

The mobile app development cost is something that gets affected by different aspects, such as features, functionalities, technology types, and many others. Henceforth if you really want to get the accurate number for the development cost, then you should reach out to us and we will provide you the accurate cost estimation.

Just get in touch with us and enquire about the cost of the app development and get started!



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