5 Apr 2018

Oops, You Cannot Access Your App Anymore Through Facebook

Ever since the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Data privacy scandal has brought into the limelight, it has been confirmed that almost double of 87 million users data has been compromised with a UK data mining firm.

Mark Zuckerberg was highly criticised and questioned and Elon Musk went on to say even that ‘It’s time to delete Facebook’, which left Mark Zuckerberg isolated in the tech world.

It is indeed one of the disheartening facts that we could even think of to happen with one of the most popular social media channel Facebook, which is accessed and utilized by every user across the world.

Users had built a trust factor with Facebook which was clearly indicated by the number of users and followers Facebook has gathered over the years since its official launch and made the people eat this pie without any hesitation and even with an iota of doubt in their mind.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg made a public statement where he took the onus of this blunder and asked people to trust him and give him another chance and in order to make his words come closer to reality.

But something what disturbed in the early hours or I would rather say the wee hours of the 5th April morning was the call I received from a friend, which somehow given me a jerk, and made me paralyzed with fear since I was just in the middle of my sweet nightmare at 2:45 am (a serious pun intended J).

Well on picking there was my friend, whose first words were, ‘Bro, I am lost, tomorrow is my date and I can’t access my Tinder app’, which somehow thrown me down deeper in the frustration pool, but then I realized that I am CEO of a mobile app development company, so I have all the responsibility in the world to answer the query, and that instant thought gave me enough reasons to reply in the softest tone possible.

For a sec I thought and said, ‘there must be some temporary bug, its common with apps, so just CHILL, it will be back to normal in some time,’ and trusting my words, he hung up, but sooner I realized that it was not the regular update or some temporary issue, but there was something more dreadful which was happening with the Tinder now, and sooner with every MOBILE APP.

So in order to keep my clients, my friends and every user updated, am here writing this post and which would unleash some of the scary but essentials security measures taken by Facebook, causing this qualm.

So, stay tuned and read ahead….

Firstly hold your breath and listen…

Just Kidding…don’t get panic…J

just read further…

Facebook has rolled out more security and data privacy updates and on 4th April 2018, Facebook has announced the sweeping changes to many of its most prominent APIs, which has restricted the developer access in many different ways.
Yes, you heard me right, this has just happened to Facebook, but there is some more shock to be unleashed and it states…

It means every mobile app which allows the Facebook access will face the brunt of Facebook additional security parameters.

By the early morning hours of 5th April, Twitter started flooded with the different reactions filled with rage and agony mentioning that ‘Users are kicked off from accessing the dating app and they couldn’t log back’…

Albeit, not all mobile apps, require the social media profile integration to access the app, and users can sign up with their phone number or mail, but people generally choose to sign up with their existing Facebook accounts, since it is convenient and make the app experience more seamless.

It means that this feature is largely used by maximum app users, so a LARGER user base is going to be affected, just like the Tinder users.

As of now, it is only experienced with Tinder, but since this security feature of changing the APIs permission, would soon roll-out to other apps as well, that means every mobile app which utilizes the Facebook access, will be sailing in some hot water, till the time developer finds a solution for it.

Also Facebook has confirmed that they have removed a feature that let users enter phone numbers or email addresses into Facebook’s search tool to find other people.

So What’s This All About????

This is one of the new app integration policies, announced by Facebook, which say clearly that from now on every app will be approved, those requesting access to information such as check-ins, likes, photos, posts, videos, events, and groups.

Facebook has changed the way how third-party apps are able to interact with the social network. 

Oops, so this is what Facebook’s new policy all about????

Yes, because if we look back in the year 2014 Facebook began approving these permissions individually, but since the massive data leak issue, now Facebook is securing the review process and now require apps to sign agreements before gaining access to this data.

What More Is In Store???

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer also has mentioned that now not a single app will be able to access certain information like religious or political views, relationship status and details, custom friends lists, education, and work history.

To conclude Facebook correspondent has added “This was part of the changes that we announced today, and we are working with Tinder to address this issue.” 

Then What Is The Solution???

Well, till the time this glitch is addressed, if you too are facing this problem or if not (though sooner you would be facing) then you can access app on desktop site or you can create a new account using their phone number.

Also, as a Tinder user, you can also, use this trick, but there is a turn-off with this possibility; users would lose all their current matches and conversations.

Till the time more interesting security measures are been taken from Facebook to incur the loss of data, keep reading blogs and keep yourself updated…

And don’t forget to keep checking and returning to this space for more tech information specially researched and scribbled for you.



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