24 Aug 2018
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Pre-App Marketing Flaws You Must Avoid


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Often when a mobile app comes into existence, a much of the expectations also come along with it, and in order to meet those expectations, app owners along with their wagon of the team and decide to hit the best for the mobile app project.

In this rush, many times the mobile app marketing which could transform your app into a sizzling sensation is avoided, in the puzzle of attaining the best result out of your app project.

As a result, a mobile app comes out as an app merely and not as a successful project.

But what are the marketing mistakes am I referring to???

Well, the marketing blunders am referring to are the pre-marketing flaws, which in total can destroy your mobile app, because pre-app marketing lays the foundation for a successful mobile app.

In this post some of the steps which can help your mobile app to gain the users’ preference award, are mentioned herewith, just read further…

Mistake #1

Not Acknowledging The Worth Of LTV

LTV- The lifetime value of users, which is considered as a trivial part by some of the app developers, but eventually this the crucial part of your app development process.

With LTV, you can easily measure the success metrics of your app’s performance and profitability.

This very strategy integrated within the pre-app development process, would help you measure the revenue your app is likely to make….thus don’t give it a second thought, and let it be a very much part of your app.

Mistake #2

Research is given a back seat

I was taken aback for a while when I saw, some of the mobile apps, despite having great functionality, were not enticing the users…and the reason was simply the mobile app was developed without the appropriate research.

Don’t get shocked…

Remember to run a successful mobile app, you need two aspects; Research and planning.

The research for your mobile app is an important factor, which is required not just at the development stage but also in the marketing too.

The taste and want of your users cannot be given a miss and must be given the priority. Understand what other mobile apps are doing and how the user behavior pattern is affecting them.

If you really want a potential market for your mobile app, then you need to invest your time in conducting the research of your market and its needs.

Mistake #3

Taking The App Store For Granted

The demand of every store differs from another, and surprisingly many app developers don’t consider this special need in the pre-app development process, henceforth, a limping app solution comes into existence, which is further not entertained by the stores’ guidelines.

You cannot forget this fact at any given cost, that what works and sounds suitable for one platform would never suffice the need for another platform as well.

Hence you need to understand the hour of the demand for your app and must add the requirements of the specific stores, so your app would not face the uninstall and low engagement from the users’ end.

Mistake #4

Giving A Second Priority To Marketing Planning

A famous adage suggests, that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail…

However this saying is sufficient to understand the main crux of this point, which tells you clearly if you don’t have a plan to start your app, then no matter what are you going to dig ahead, it would not last long.

When a mobile app concept is thought of, you cannot deny from the fact that there are other mobile apps as well in the market, which have the significance and the targeted audience base.

Hence, you need to have an efficient and effective app marketing strategy, which would only draw your attention towards the reaping the benefits out of the existing portals to let your mobile app craft an impressive image in front of the targeted user base.

Plan a strategy in advance and consider that how certain strategy would work in your favor and what would suit best the taste of your mobile app.

Mistake #4

Giving A Second Thought To ASO

Do you know what the main functionality of the ASO is???

ASO helps your app to get finally recognized in the app stores by the potential audience, else it would be a pain to help your app get identified. WHY???

My dear, the growing number of mobile apps has crowded the app market wildly, letting your app to have ZERO chances to win the battle, thus you need the right dose of ASO to help you win this war of apps and help it to get noticed by the users.

ASO helps you in abundance to overcome this hurdle and improve the chances of your app’s discoverability.

These pre-app marketing flaws can drop your mobile app into a permanent coma, so if you really want to avoid this glitch to take place with your app, then you must get in touch with a leading mobile app development company in india to help you build a masterpiece.

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