29 Dec 2020

Pwa Development Will Grow More Popular In 2021!

PWA Development

In the current technology spectrum, PWAs are gaining momentum and helping businesses to expand. With the help of these apps, brands and disrupting startups are getting the fast, responsive, app-like experience they want.

Today, there are large enterprises including Twitter, Alibaba, and Walmart, who have integrated PWAs in their business model to streamline their revenue stream. And this very tech trend has pulled the attention from medium to small size businesses to take advantage of it, and give a unique user- experience.

In this post, we’re going to cover some facts that suggest why PWAs will be the talk of the town in 2021. So just stay tuned and check what they have got to offer….

Stats depicting PWAs popularity

  • 68 percent of mobile traffic enhancement
  • 15 X more load and installation speed
  • 25 times lesser device storage
  • 52 percent average conversion increase
  • 78 percent average session time enhance
  • 137 percent more user engagement
  • 86 percent lower bounce rate

What is a PWA?

PWA- Progressive Web App is a piece of technology, enabling businesses to build web applications that have the look and feel of native mobile apps. These apps are developed using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS. And further, developers utilize static site generators like Gatsby or VuePress to launch PWAs.

These apps run in the browser but give users the experience of a native app. And they can be:

  • Accessed through the mobile home screen
  • Give offline app access
  • Have a native feature; push notifications
  • And much more…

Why PWAs are the future?

As we all know that the future is all about being digital and that needs to build comfort and convenience around us. With PWAs there is not just one but multiple reasons to grab the attention of the users.

Curious to explore???

Just keep scrolling this post further to understand the reasons which would make this very new tech trend a futuristic move of 2021. 

Turns easy on the pocket

The year 2021 is going to be all about growth and expansion. And to make this happen businesses would love to soak their hands and feet in an affordable solution. Surprisingly, PWAs fit the bill here and do not require different versions for various devices. This eventually cuts down the development cost of the app.

Works offline

Mobile users prefer apps due to multiple reasons, and if your app can work offline then nothing excites them (sic.) further. It holds a built-in service cache that triggers the progressive web apps’ features and information automatically while removing the clutter to download it. As a consequence, users can access it without an internet connection.

Looks and works like an app

A Progressive web application offers an incredible user experience by sharing a perfect medley of the app’s look and feel. And has the same speed, responsiveness, and comprehensive capabilities as websites with database access and automatic data.

Instant installation

The downloading and installing process of an app can get on your nerves if the app size is big or the network issue has cropped up. However, unlike regular mobile apps, PWAs don’t face the brunt of this tedious process. These apps can be downloaded directly without being directed to respective stores, to be accessed via a desktop icon. 

Incredible performance

With the PWAs you get to handle cache, text, images, and other content in a specific and well-planned manner. This allows users to access the apps with a higher speed and improves the user experience to another level.

Automated updates

App updates are another hurdle that calls for extra expenses and time as well. But not anymore, because PWAs have a specific functionality leading to automated updates. And the best part here is it doesn’t poke users or seek permissions to bother them.

No platform limits

Yes, you heard it all right and correct. PWAs are not limited to any specific sort of platform or device. But these apps can be accessed across all the platforms, with the URL only. As a user, you only need to search these apps via search engines with the keywords and, TA-DA! The app can be accessed.

Push messages

This is another beautiful feature of PWA, as it has device-specific functionality, that is none other than push notifications. They let the businesses to promote their services and give relevant updates to the users, to keep them engaged. No prize for guessing, but these notifications help in gaining users’ interest and encourage them to use the app once again.

Improved security

While creating a digital solution safety and security are the two primary factors to be considered. Here, PWAs rely heavily on HTTPS to give that extra security shield to minimize the risk of security issues. It further helps businesses to preclude any sort of data tempering to happen on the app.

Final thoughts

PWAs are all about the future, and this has made them be a chosen platform for your business. If you’re willing to stand out from the competition, then getting associated with the right web app development company like Techugo is the right choice.

We have helped global enterprises to find their deserving niche with a futuristic PWA solution.

Give us a call and get the most out of your business capabilities.

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