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22 Oct 2018

Spectakom Opening A New Age Of Cricket AI

Handling technologies come along with the divergent thoughts from each of us, and this very demand gets different again with different industries.  However, there is no need that we all must agree on everything, but there is something, where our hearts thump and roar with the same gusto and that is CRICKET.

CRICKET is not a game but the passion, we all feed on!!!

We all have heard that how AI has metamorphosed the way various industries work and give the output, as it allows the final outcome to be more organized, sheer and reliable, opening a door of improved planning and decision-making.

Now, something which is enchanting further is the technology intervention with Cricket.

On hearing this you would be surprised, so I was, as an outdoor game like cricket, which involves only the bat and ball as the main element, how can fiddle with the technology, right?

No Wrong!!!

Spektacom is all set to make the changes in the world of cricket.

  • What Is Spectacom?

A Bengaluru-based startup Spektacom Technologies, founded by former Team India captain Anil Kumble, has intervened the AI technology with a mere 5-gram AI sticker, which can be attached further to bats and reflects the real-time data.

Yes, you heard it all correct, the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally befallen beautifully on our favorite sport- Cricket.

  • Power of ‘Power-Bat’

However the concept of sports-tech is yet to pick a momentum in India, but gladly this invasion is turning into a streamlined process with the emerging technologies in sports as well. The introduction of AI is the best way to interwoven technology in the fabric of sports.

The Power-Bat is the concept of Specktacom technologies built in collaboration with Microsoft, which would deliver the real-time data to players, coaches, and commentators.

The appeal of the Power Bat suffices the visualization power of the batting statistics and analytics through AI technology.

  • How Does It Work?

AI sensors within the Power Bat shares the real-time data on the parameters of a cricket shot – quality, swing, power, and twist.

The technology wheel behind this Power Bat is all about the hardware device, which has got compiled in a form of a sticker.

This very sticker can be attached to any cricket bat, as it all requires is a flat surface, without being noticed or affected by the player’s movement.

The moment player swings the bat to hit the ball, the sticker gathers a lot of data, which can be further measured and utilized for the useful analytics.

The data delivers the analytics through Microsoft’s Azure Sphere, wherein the data could be sent over to the stump box and give a glance of reports.

To raise the temperature further, the app utilization, allow the viewers to check the real-time stats of every ball hit right from their phones

Also, the data further remains stored in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, letting the players or any relevant body to check further even after the live match, for any reference or training purposes.

However, at the current situation the three main data points are being collected, including the speed and twist of the bat’s position on the ball matching the shot-quality.

It also records the ball speed, which helps to record any type of wrong or right parameter, reflecting, whether the bat twists in the Y-axis perpendicular to the ground. The three parameters are further analyzed to give a final score called Power Speks.

  • Cricket Would Not Just Be The Limit

The compatible technology in the form of AI enabled sticker maximizes the number of opportunities to be experienced by other sports as well.

There can be the possibility that this sticker can be pasted at some other relevant tool or accessory utilized within a specific sport, fitting the different genre of the sport.

Microsoft states that they

“Believe in leveraging its technology and its people to help sports teams and organizations solve their toughest challenges”.

Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President, Microsoft, stated

“We’ve already seen the impact that connected devices have had in other industries, and we believe that with the advancements in our AI and cloud services, this is just the beginning of what’s possible for not only cricket but all sports. More intelligence can be added to the product in time. More parameters can be tracked. And the product could even be taken to other sports beyond cricket.”

  • It Is In Testing Mode

Power Bat technology is going to be tested in upcoming cricket tournaments and series, however, it has left an impressive mark, during the trial run in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.  Also, the wireless charger is used further to recharge the AI stickers, which consumes about 90 minutes, it remains charged up to 48 hours.

  • How It Would Benefit?
  • Evidently, the introduction of the sport-tech initiative Power Bat, would enable any sport to collect the accurate data and it would further allow:
  • Commentators can craft better story-telling while discussing the batting styles.
  • The unique shots and hooks can be picked for the training reference.
  • The data captured can be utilized further by the training centers to enhance the performance of budding players.


  • What’s More To Expect?

As stated by the ace cricket player Anil Kumble, thus very technology would not serve the professional tournaments, rather it would become the known aspect in the field of Cricket to benefit the amateur and professionals both.

Understanding the batting statistics with a new perspective is indeed an interesting focal point of this AI tech intervention, and it would open a new era of technology to be incorporated in the Sports paradigm.

We @Techugo truly believe that Spektacom would not just power the game of cricket, but would boost the presence of technology in the turf of other sports as well. This would unbolt a new chapter in the history of sports which was never opened before.

With this hope that Power Bat would help the sports field to cross the leaps and bounds for the betterment, we @Techugo – a leading top mobile app development company feel glad to keep you updated with every bit of tech-related info.

Just keep watching this space for more unshackled technology updates.



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