2 Jul 2021
Updated on January 11th, 2023

Blixr- Here’s How We Created A Voice-based Social Discovery App!


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Fostering new bonds via technology is becoming a global phenomenon. That is why we are witnessing a worldwide rise in the development of social networking and dating apps. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, almost all the generations crave meaningful relationships. Thus many of them turn to digital platforms that would allow them to meet new people, make new friends, and even hang out with others in real life.  

But a lot of time, social networking apps, with their overwhelming & colorful stimuli, pull back the user from nourishing valuable bonds.   

Not anymore! 

A Brief Introduction To Blixr!

Voice Based Platform

In a densely populated digital world where our attention quickly deviates, Blixr comes with a positive twist. The platform is a next-generation voice-based social discovery app that brings back a sense of belongingness by connecting people looking for love or friendship.

Blixr is a seamless combination of voice-based social discovery and events app that gives a refreshing touch to the monotonous market. Its voice plus ethical algorithm elevates the users’ online experience, and the integrated event feature allows them to hang out in real life with ease.  

  • Connects new people in the vicinity & helps them to cherish quality moments.
  • Simplifies the process of making new friends with common interests.
  • Delivers a secure platform & enables complete transparency for better results.

Our clients wanted to create a trusted social space to renew real-world connections. Their idea was to create a social application beyond the general concept that is being widely used. They wanted to create an app that revolves around the idea, “How people want to meet and what people want to do.”  

So we created a platform for them where people with common choices & interests can meet digitally via video or voice. Or go to a local event and share exclusive experiences. 

Now let’s take a look at a few of the technical aspects of the app’s development. 

Defining Challenges, Roadmap & Solution For Flawless Development!

Our goal was to develop an exquisite and privacy-focused voice-based social app by breaking the monotony prevailing in the app market. The aim was to focus on the efficiency of services to establish a strong foundation. With Blixr, the primary focus was on enhancing the different ways people connect online.

Part 1: Challenges

The first part of our goal was to acknowledge the challenges involved in the development. With Blixr, it was mandatory to bring the authenticity that the online world was majorly lacking. It was essential to bridge the gap present between socializing and event applications.

Part 2: Roadmap

The development was conceptualized to deliver quality to the user base under all circumstances. The roadmap was constructed to make a genuine difference and help the audience witness a brand new world of online dating.

Part 3: Solution

The implementation of innovative ideas delivered excellent results that focused on privacy, inclusivity, transparency, and holistic experiences. The application was able to bring people closer by ameliorating the experiences they shared. 

How We Successfully Designed Blixr?

The foundation of the entire design process was focused on enhancing the application’s capabilities and tackling the complexities attached to it. To successfully implement the user-centric design process, the team switched to paper prototyping to develop an app that meets all the user expectations and needs. This approach delivered valuable feedback that enhanced the process of development.

The process was broken into four manageable chunks, which helped to eradicate the presence of any ill-defined concept.

The design strategy constituted six significant steps. It was created with the motive of communicating the brand- Blixr to the audience. The curated blueprint followed a clear direction that influenced every aspect of the overall design towards the goal.

1. Business Goals

The goal of Blixr was to promote meaningful relationships, and hence, the complete strategy focused on achieving the same.

2. Critical Success Factor

It was essential to deliver value to the user base, which was the entire project’s critical success factor.

3. Target User

The strategy took into account different aspects like age, gender, interests, location, technical competency.

4. General Task

It was necessary to shape and focus all the design elements towards meeting the primary goal.

5. Technology Constraints

For a successful design strategy, it was necessary to look into the technical competency of the targeted user base.

6. Cross Channel

The strategy also focused on maintaining design consistency across different channels.

A Few App Development Technicalities You Must Know!


1. Project Scope & Timeline

A visual representation for communicating the milestones, dependencies, and necessary resources was created to implement the strategy. To develop an effective project, timeline boundaries were defined with a strong project scope statement.

  • Research 
  • Strategy
  • Branding & UI Design
  • Development & Testing 
  • UAT & Beta Launch

2. Technology Stack

The selection of the technology stack before writing the code was crucial to power the app. The team navigated a seamless way to select a tech stack without getting stuck under the mountain of overwhelming options. The combination of the selected software products and the programming languages boosted efficiency during the development process.

3. Wireframe

The development team created a technical blueprint of the app concept. The specialized troop jotted down their heads together to find out the best possible screen sequence, navigation, and features for one of the most remarkable applications. The seamlessness attached to the app wireframe eventually delivered unmatchable results.

4. Interface Design

The interface design consists of elements that are easy to understand and access. Boosting the consistency helped in the quick completion of the task while keeping the efficiency on point. The complete interface design focused on elevating user satisfaction.

5. Project Workshop

The development team worked round the clock to analyze, assess, and discover the best way to accentuate the project further to bring out the best possible results. The concept was explored, keeping the market needs and the competition on priority. The app wireframe helped the team fetch a clear picture of the development process, and later it was elevated with the app’s prototype.

Create With Techugo!

Blixr is just one of our creations. Over the short span of 6 years, we have crafted remarkable digital platforms for prestigious organizations and promising startups from various domains. We have been dedicatedly following our passion and delivering business strategies, application design & development services to our clients, with an ulterior motive of bringing excellence to mobile app development

Our technical and creative team is always focused on creating an app to secure the brand’s digital identity. We help brands to tap into the minds of their target audience via in-depth market analysis. So if you are looking for a breakthrough in the digital world, launch your product with our brood!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Success awaits!

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