30 May 2019
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Cricket World Cup: Mobile Apps are Creating Magic!


Surbhi Bhatia

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Cricket World Cup: Mobile Apps are Creating Magic!

Cricket World Cup is finally here! And I cannot think of a possible way to describe how I feel right now. Even if I start to pen down each and every single emotion of mine, I won’t be able to describe my love for this spectacular sport. The most awaited time of the year has finally arrived, Cricket World Cup, 2022.

My never-ending affection for this game started when my father first taught me the rules of this game and gave me my first cricket bat. The adrenaline rush that I felt then was so magical and powerful, that during the exact moment I knew that my emotions for cricket could never fade away. From visiting different stadiums with my family to watching my favourite team’s match to playing on the streets all afternoon, it was simply breathtaking! Every childhood memory revolves around this game and most importantly, THE WORLD CUP.

This mega event which occurs once every four years, is the time that always keeps me on my toes.

Watching those late night exciting cricket matches on television made me happy. The nervousness I felt during the final over has only amplified my passion for Cricket World Cup.

Year after year, I kept re-living those exciting moments until I experienced a sudden turn of events. Well, I grew up!

The Dilemma of An Adult Cricket Fan!

Laugh all you want, but I am serious. The day I started working, I also started missing out on my favorite game. It is absolutely against the pride of a passionate cricket fan, to get an update later, by watching its highlights.

But thankfully, this situation changed, or I can say it got a little better. With the massive growth of technology and the expansion of the internet, everyone was able to watch live scores online. This brings satisfaction to a level that is almost negligible. Everyone wanted more!

But being a tech geek, I knew that there were going to be more such innovations. Thus, came the mobile app revolution and the idea of creating an all in one application for fans.

The idea of sports app development worked in a direction that simplified the life of a fan. It enabled us to watch live matches, get updated scores, or any other information, irrespective of our place and time.

Exciting, isn’t it? Let us dig a little deeper and study the USPs of a good cricket app.

The Expectations of a Cricket Fan in An Ideal Sports App

Cricket Fan in An Ideal Sports App

The beauty of sports fans is that they have no luxury demands. All they need is a platform that can live stream or provide score updates of their favorite matches anytime they want. Therefore, here’s a list of the most basic features of sports applications:

1. Live Streaming

Since it is nearly impossible to carry your television with you during the World Cup season(or in general), the portability of mobile and its applications have made it easier for us to watch the live streaming of our favorite team’s match anytime and anywhere.

The live streaming feature of an application allows everyone to stay connected with the feeling of watching a live cricket match, regardless of their current situation. So even if you are traveling in a bus, working in your office, or chilling at a cafe, all you need to do is, plug in those headphones and relish the entire match, with this live streaming feature.

2. Scores Updation 

We all can relate that we can’t always watch live streaming of our favorite matches, as we have professional priorities that we need to fulfil (perks of adulting). And this is where an application can jump to your rescue.

Yes, you may now jump and scream in excitement!

With the feature of live score updates in mobile applications, we can establish a connection with the ongoing match. I know it is not enough for a crazy fan like me, but we need to line up our priorities.

3. Live Commentary

What if you’re engaged in the submission of your presentations? How would you manage to live stream as well?

Luckily, here’s when the spectacular commentary comes into the picture! Sounds like a perfect plan, right?

All sports fans can plug in their headphones and listen to every specific change of events!

4. Highlights and Match Summaries

In the rarest of rare situations, if someone misses the live streaming of a match, the next best thing he wants to do is to watch the highlights of that cricket match. Hence to curb his urge, it becomes necessary that the mobile app must include a feature for viewing the match’s highlights.

Some born bibliophiles who also love this game, prefer reading the entire match’s summary. Hence providing the written highlights of the match is one of the many features a mobile app needs to include.

5. Latest Feeds

In the rarest of rare situation, if someone misses the live streaming of a match, the next best thing he wants to do is to watch the highlights of the same. Hence to curb his urge, it becomes necessary that the mobile app must include a feature of viewing the match’s highlights.

Some born bibliophiles who also love this game prefer reading the entire match’s summary. Hence providing the written highlights of the match is one of the many features that a mobile app needs to include.

Did you know that a reliable mobile app development company can go to lengths to develop an exceptional product? Therefore, it’s time to get in touch with the best tech partner to derive terrific results.

Which Sports Applications Must You Download?

Which Sports Applications Must You Download?

Users can easily find fantasy cricket apps, football and basketball applications, and whatnot, and the entire credit goes to the internet and smartphones.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to acquiring updates on your favorite sports matches or want to live stream, listed below are some of the best sports apps you may download:

1. Bleacher Report App

The Bleacher Report app is known for providing all the latest news for any sports of the user’s choice. In addition, if users enable the push notification option, the app forwards updates without launching the same.

The icing on the cake is the app’s customization feature that enables users to select their favorite teams and the kind of updates they want to see.

2. theScore

Sure, the app keeps its audience updated regarding sports news; however, it also allows access to game analysis. Additionally, the app’s calendar feature allows users to check when their favorite teams will be playing.

3. SofaScore

The SofaScore app enables live streaming of matches of up to 25 different sports. While most people download and use the app on smartphones, it can also run on some Android smartwatches. The app also gives out player ratings to learn about the current form of players that may change.

4. BBC Sport

If a user has recently started following sports, this is one of the best platforms to have access to all the highlights, news, and more. The app is also integrated with a few privacy features, the user data is entirely kept secure.

5. MSN Sports

With the incorporation of 150 leagues, app users can learn everything about their favored teams, rival teams, new leagues, and a lot more.

To Sum Up!

By now, you must be wishing to build an application that includes all the above mentioned features and a few more. Here is when Techugo jumps to your rescue.

Techugo, is a leading app development company that works in a direction to infuse technology with creativity and innovation. Our expert team of android and iOS developers strives in a direction to convert dreams into reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call now!

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