17 Dec 2020

Holiday Mobile App Marketing Tips, You Must Check Out

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Indeed, mobile app marketing is a vast genre, and it is hard to contain it with few techniques only. For a mobile app marketer, this is the time to aim for more app downloads, engagements, and sales for your business.

When it comes to app marketing campaign success, the significance of a timely and relevant campaign cannot be overstated.

The holiday app marketing, can all be boiled down to a single word: EMOTION. Henceforth, your app marketing must be filled with enough ingredients, that help your customers driven to purchase emotionally rather than rationally.

On the other hand, mobile app marketing needs to be planned carefully, so it can become an inevitable part of your brand’s voice echoing through a mobile app.

If you want to achieve a unique spike in your traffic during the holidays, and capture users’ attention, then you need to ensure to hit the right audience with the targeted messaging and channels.

To ensure you make the most of the holidays and are not losing out on your great profit margin, we’ve brought you holiday mobile app marketing tips to help you get a definite edge over your competitors.

Early is better

If you think holiday season app marketing must start a week before or just in nick of time, then you need to revisit your thought process. The holiday season comes with a different competition vibe, making it hard for you, if you start late. In simple words, there is little to no space for the late bloomers, hence the early you start your marketing, the better it is. You can start this by embracing holiday them in your app. You can change the app icon, add pop-ups, include offers, and mix holiday hues in your app, so your users will feel connected to your brand and start investing more time in it.

Push notifications with a holiday vibe

Holidays are the busy days, and you need to push your users gently to take aimed action. Indeed, just like yours, there are thousands of more brands out there, shouting in mixed voices on the push messages. You need to create personalized push messages to unravel discounts and other season announcements. However, don’t forget that being too pushy would only drift them away, so be as gentle as air, and be as near as their loved ones. Trust me you would click the deal without any ado included.

Holiday-themed offers & campaigns

The holiday is all about fun and frolic time, and this must speak through your marketing initiatives as well. You cannot deny from the fact that thousands of marketers would be trying their level best to capture the attention of the same pair of eyes out there, hence you need to build something UNIQUE and CREATIVE enough for your users to find that holiday vibes from the offers and campaigns. It can be an attention-grabbing image or a relevant but personalized video snippet that defines your business and app functionalities better. Here you can make good use of social media to reflect your marketing voice through themed offers and campaigns.

Welcome early access with a reward 

Your existing users are your most loyal customers, and it will be great to offer them extra treatment by giving them the benefit of early access. The deals and the offers you are likely to provide to everyone out there must be given early access to your existing customers. This is the most common strategy offered by Amazon to reward their customers and help to spread the good word about your brand.

As an app marketer, there’s no better time to roll up your sleeves and put in the extra elbow grease than the holidays. That additional effort just proves to be worth it every time, especially if you have a well-developed holiday app marketing plan to follow.

Don’t skip on email marketing

Holiday season means capturing your customers from every possible corner, and here including email marketing would be a great asset. You can collect valuable data and build a larger mailing list by offering discounts and deals for signing up. This would enable you to reach out to potential customers throughout the holiday season.

Here, you need to decide upon the frequency of your marketing emails, as too many can lead to unsubscription and too few can make your brand forgotten, so find your balance before proceeding ahead.

Provide FREE shipping

The unexpected costs at the purchase made may irk customers and can even cause them to churn. Here, giving an additional benefit of Free shipping can change the value and will give you an edge over your competitors.

Combo offers

Combo offers are an effective way to upsell to your customers while giving them a better deal on grouped purchases. With this offer type, you convert the inexpensive items into a more significant gift recommendation for your users.

Bonus tip- Revisit ASO before holidays

Are you ready to acquire hat big chunk of users? Then don’t forget to practice ASO- App Store Optimization techniques to utilize in your favor. With the right method, you don’t just increase the app installs, but also include a healthy stream of organic users. Check different aspects of ASO, such as icons, screenshots, description to convince your users to install your app. You need to research and plan out the best possible acquisition strategy and guess what? The most sustainable organic app downloads would occur to your app.

Remember, holiday app marketing is not just about driving sales, but keep your audience engaged with the app platform.

Want to learn how to create an effective holiday app marketing campaign?

We’re always happy to share the best practices with you, the way we have helped the biggest brands in the EU and US market.

Just send us a request and automate your marketing strategies in minutes.


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