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9 Apr 2019

Top iOS App Development Trends In 2019

The tech-bucket is ever-rising and is proffering enough of reasons to the ios app development field to experience the best out of it. This advancement in the technology has brought new features and the functionalities to come into existence within every mobile app around us, and to this system, iOS is not an exception.

The futuristic concepts of technologies such as ML, AR, VR, IoT to name a few, are embraced by iOS, that has led the much robust mobile app solutions to come into existence, letting the audience to relish the beauty of the trending technologies, within their Smartphone.

With this post, we have tried to compile some of the futuristic top iOS application development trends in 2019. So let’s take a look and read further…

Advanced App Security

The security aspect is the most valuable aspect, which is demanded in the current scope of the iOS mobile app development. Due to the advancement in technology, Apple has continued to win the hearts of the users and ultimately has become the preferred platform for the business apps.

The new iOS update every time brings a new and improved version of security for the end-users, which is hard to be breached, henceforth making the iPhone apps more secure.

Needless to mention, but the app’s security leads to build a tough shell around the mobile apps, which is hard to be evaded by hackers. Eventually, the security shell is growing denser and stronger with time, with every update of iOS platform, including the ATS (App Transport Security), which has been turned into a mandated aspect for every new iPhone app to follow, in order to make the apps more secure.

Machine Learning

The very introduction of CoreML by Apple has already sparked the innovation baton to be experienced by the upcoming mobile apps, which would not just be scalable but highly-intelligent as well.

In the coming time, the very features of CoreML framework can be utilized and be integrated with Siri, camera, and QuickType. This allows the apps to be highly responsive. As predicted by the tech-pundits, the AI-based apps would be a common practice amongst different businesses and industries, where Machine Learning technology would be integrated within different mobile apps.

The ability of ML to run on different Apple devices, further support this trending technology to win the battle.

Swift New Version Would Gain The Worth

Today calling Swift as the enterprise-ready language, and the reasons to support this, are many. If you would look closer, then you can easily understand that since the inception SWIFT, it has evolved drastically, letting the different businesses including enterprises to experience the flawless performance.

With the release of the new SWIFT version, it is expected that the face of app development would change thoroughly.

AR and VR

The worth and the utilization of AR and VR has evolved and embraced by every possible industry. It aims to offer the immersive experience to the end-users through the help of a mobile app, which is infused with the futuristic technology. The very introduction of ARKit 2 has taken the AR experience to the next level, with the help of these futuristic technologies integrated within the mobile app.

If you are looking for the real-time virtual world, then integration of ARKit 2 is welcomed, as it facilitates the users to share their incredible experience, as they can view the same object with the AR environment, from angles in different devices.

It is expected that by 2020, there will be an introduction of much advanced AR & VR apps in iOS development turf.

Cloud-based Apps

The ever-increasing potential of the cloud-based mobile apps, cannot be given a miss, as they offer ease of data storage and access functionality in abundance, which make the cloud apps, the most preferred versions of app solutions.

Therefore, the cloud-based apps would definitely change the ecosystem of accessing the information in a much broader way. This ensures that cloud integration would emerge as a major trend in 2019.

To make it sound more engaging, with the cloud-based apps, there are a couple of other benefits as well, such as reduced hosting cost, enhanced storage, and faster operations. Within iOS cloud-based apps it becomes a much easier task for the users to monitor and access the data anytime through the dashboard.

IoT and Wearable

As predicted by the Statista, by the year 2025 there would be 75 billion IoT devices across the world, and most everyone around us would be utilizing the latest technology.

As we all know that iOS is the preferred choice for many businesses and the industries, therefore the IoT trend would also be picked by these industries to further integrate the home automation and IoT app development. The HomeKit launched by Apple is the biggest support to be experienced in this league, and it is expected that there would be customized solutions for automating the workplace and home.

Big Data Technology

The Big Data technology is the great trend, every business is reeling the advantages from. In simpler words, the big data is larger, more complex data sets, which is derived from new data sources. To be précised, such data set holds the voluminous data processing, which cannot be managed by local. The massive volumes of data can further be used to address business problems which were considered complex before.

With the help of this latest technological advancement, your iOS application can turn into a marvellous solution for your business.

A New Facet To Enterprise App Development

The enterprise mobile apps are designed and developed for boosting business engagement and the employees’ work efficiency to the next level. In this context, iOS has always been the chosen platform for global enterprises and in the coming future, this popularity will not settle down. It is expected that the efficiency and the fame of iOS apps would encourage a number of enterprises to come and adopt the technology, which would include more secure and scalable features, to help the users to experience a glitch-free app experience.

To conclude, it can easily be noted, that one of the most thriving platforms in the current time is indeed coming all the way from Apple, and this has led the new versions of creativity to expand its territories worldwide.

Therefore it is very imperative to comprehend that Apple holds the worth in making the app a successful end-product, due to the incredible mobility features, which are further embraced by the different businesses in answering different verticals. Owing to such a huge glut of advantages, it is easier to say that in the coming year 2019 and beyond iOS application development will boom in the market, and would lead the successful businesses model to run.



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