15 Nov 2022
Updated on November 28th, 2022

Fantasy Football App Development – Overview, Features, Cost, and Whatnot

fantasy football app development

Football is the most popular sport worldwide. Undoubtedly, football is a more levelled-out sport than other sports in which more nations participate at a high level. The reason behind this is the game’s competitiveness which prevents it from becoming stale. Now, the popularity of football has reached new heights.

It is no longer a sport, but rather for certain people, it is everything! 

Including on the ground, there are various ways to play football, for instance, video games on smartphones and other devices. However, fantasy football is the newest addition to football games. The fantasy sports market is undergoing revolutionary changes, and all credit goes to fantasy sports applications. 

As per the stats, football holds a large part of the fantasy sports industry market. Nowadays, users do enjoy playing football and are passionate about football games. As a result, it has become trendy, which makes the fantasy football app development well-known and accessible. 

The fantasy sports business has less competition than other markets, which makes now an excellent time to invest. So, if you have an idea to develop a fantasy football gaming app, now is the time to give your ideas wings. 

But before you do so, you must know every nook and cranny of fantasy football app development. And to help you with it, here are all the details. Go through it. 

What Is a Fantasy Football App?

Fantasy Football App

The fantasy football app is a platform that facilitates the users to create an imaginary team consisting of players from upcoming matches. For instance, if users create teams of Real Madrid vs Barcelona, they would have options for real players from those teams. They can choose any player to be in their team from the respective teams. 

Later, as per the players’ real game performance, the user earns points for every match. The player that scores the highest points based on their live performance wins the fantasy game league. 

Moreover, users can earn rewards by using their football expertise to predict the players’ performance and create the number one team. So, show the world who is a football expert and earn exciting prizes.

Since it seems like a very indulging platform for users, get ready to invest in fantasy football apps to deliver an all-new experience to football fans. 

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Why Is Now the Right Time to Develop a Fantasy Football App?

The current football league season will give your app the biggest market launch ever! 

Yes, daily browser trends indicate that the ongoing UEFA Football League 2022-23 is absolutely everywhere. People of all ages love watching and playing football, and providing an app full of exciting features is undoubtedly a win-win. 

Although such popular football leagues frequently occur throughout the year, which create lots of opportunities to play games online. Players, managers, and owners of fantasy football sports are even more enthused during some major leagues in addition to their own leagues that they have founded.

Do you need to know how many such leagues there are? It’s approximately twelve! The European Championship, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, and so on are just a few examples.

Now, you must know the possibilities of developing a fantasy football application to invest your money. It will surely help you to grow and create a top application for users to rule the market. 

Fantasy Football App Development: Top Benefits

Fantasy Football App

1. Less Competition

Despite rising demand for fantasy sports app development, you will face less competition than in other industries. The fantasy sports market is in its early stages, which means less competition and maximum growth. So, if you invest in fantasy football league app development, you can see a higher return within a short period. 

2. It’s legal

Another advantage is that the fantasy sports industry is legal in various countries. As a result, you can choose a fantasy sports channel for your company. It can assist sports fans in earning money and watching their favourite sports. Moreover, it can help users experience the real feeling of watching and indulge users in playing games in a completely different style. 

3. Brand Collaborations

Users enjoy trying fantasy sports to make them more enjoyable, exciting, and persuasive. Sports fantasy premier league apps are ideal for increasing the value of a sports brand. While the fantasy sports business sector offers a variety of opportunities, it is one of the best ways to collaborate with top brands in the industry. Also, it can bring the opportunity for sponsorship to world-famous sports leagues to get global-level popularity. 

4. Less Investment High Returns

Fantasy sports apps are crucial platforms where you may put little money in and earn a lot back. While you provide facilities to users to play fantasy leagues by creating their own teams and pay matches, it lets them earn rewards. Nevertheless, to get more money, you should give yourself some time.

Must-Have Features of Fantasy Football App

Nothing can impress and engage users more than using the coolest and trendiest features on an app. If you provide top-notch features to your audience, chances are high that you will rule the market quickly. However, there are some must-have features for a premier league fantasy football app that users communicate exclusively. Thus, do not forget to add these elements to your app. 

1. Sign Up

The first thing a user sees on your app is the sign-up form. Hence it must be simple so that any age user can register to use the fantasy app. Allow signing up through social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, or Google account. 

2. On-Boarding 

The moment a user completes the registration process, it is time to educate the user about your features. Then, navigate and help them in the onboarding process. Finally, make it as easy as possible for users to continue using the app, and they can play matches without hassle. 

3. Profile 

Adding a feature to create a profile helps to attain all user-related information to the app. For instance, the total reward earned by a user, total matches played, number of wins and losses, and other information. In other words, it is the dashboard of the fantasy app for league games where all crucial details are available. 

4. Player Details

When it comes to building a team for a fantasy league, you must attain the player details. With player details, you can make it easy for the users to gather all information and choose to make a strong team. Users can enjoy and earn more when they find player information available to create their fantasy team. Also, it will help them to pick the suitable option according to the game conditions. 

5. Create/Join Tournaments

Creating a team gives users engagement but creating a tournament or joining a tournament boosts it. It can be a private or public league, depending upon your idea to include the feature on your app. But having such features surely helps you to get more user engagement, and by offering pro leagues, you can indulge in participating in your app matches. 

6. News & Updates

Update with all the information and news that can be valuable to users to develop a fantastic, astounding, and workable approach. Users are kept up to speed on football news and made to feel involved in the game. This is the reason behind the success of the best fantasy football alert apps, and users are keen to have such apps on their smartphones. 

7. Push Notifications

This handy function is in charge of picking up users’ curiosity. As push notifications appear on users’ phone displays, it gives them a sense of connection to the game and keeps them amused and informed of upcoming events.

8. E-Wallet Registration

Making an e-wallet available in your app enables customers to redeem rewards and save money there, making it more straightforward for them to create. Additionally, it makes transferring their funds easier and permits them to transfer cash awards.

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Top Features for Admin to Rock the Fantasy Football App Market

Admin features also play a crucial role in the success of your fantasy app. So, during the fantasy football app development process, you must ensure that all features are added. Here are some of the top admin features for fantasy game apps, check them:

1. Transaction and Banking

It is crucial to managing the transaction, limits, and other banking options on a fantasy sports app. In addition, an option that can closely monitor activity to stop app misuse is necessary. For this, you should work with a sports app development company to create high-end features to get control over such things. 

2. User Control and Management

For an app admin, having access to the user control and management system ensures the app can work efficiently. Moreover, it helps the admin control and tracks user activity using a centralised management system. Creating an admin panel with the content management system allows an admin to administer user and entire app actions. 

3. Dashboards

Half of the tasks are done when you have a place where you can find all graphs and statistics with good presentation and in a readable format. A dashboard can help you find all user’s activities and create future marketing strategies for a successful fantasy app. It is the best way to plan the business and improve the parts that lack engagement. Also, every detail for updating any feature will become accessible. 

4. Real-Time Analysis

Although it seems that real-time analysis is unimportant, it is as important as monthly statistics. To create a short-term strategy, for instance, around the world-cup or any championship, real-time data helps to channel traffic and generate revenue. This way, you can immediately act on the features or part of your fantasy sports app, which can be a reason for your app not gaining enough engagement. 

5. Reward Creation and Management

It is no wonder that fantasy game apps are popular because of their reward-earning features or sometimes real money. Moreover, it is crucial to get the point chart for all players. With this, the games remain fair, and there will be no errors when choosing a winner. In addition, it helps to decide the winning amount so that it can be disbursed depending on their earned points. 

6. League Monitoring and Management

There is no use for a fantasy app if it doesn’t provide top-notch league-oriented features. You must create components that can fairly manage the player rankings, points, scores, team positions, and other options. Since every league involves players and teams, matching all stats as per the ongoing actions is crucial. Once you can monitor the league, the management will be easier for the admin. 

Some Add-on Features for Fantasy Football App!

Any fantasy gaming app can attract audience popularity by adding extra features that encourage interactive involvement. So, during the fantasy football app development process, among these characteristics add these features too:

1. Live Match Ratings

Live match rating is quite an important feature to be in a fantasy game app. Using the live match ratings, users can monitor current match results in real-time, along with some text updates. Indeed, it can engage users with video and text content that offers suggestions for their team choice based on former and present sports figures.

2. Integration of the Live Rating API

It relates to game statistics and third-party services. For example, administrators and users can access player stats, game timetables, match stats, and many other things. And to provide such features through your app, you must integrate the APIs from sports TV networks like Star Sports and ESPN.

3. CRM Integration

It will require administrators to handle relationships with users for complaints, rewards, payouts, etc. On the other hand, if your app provides live chat, it encourages users to use it wholeheartedly. Moreover, the user can get help from customer support for any problem they face with the app.

4. Push Alerts

This feature enables the admin to send out mass notifications to users with all the latest competition-related information. For instance, during the most popular Barclays premier league, a user can get information about the player and team news, schedule changes, and live match results.

Knowing these features to be included in a fantasy league app, you must be wondering about the working model of the app. Thus, to beat your curiosity about app functioning, here are some details. Read along. 

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How Does Fantasy Football App Work: App User Perspective? 

Fantasy football apps are getting popular in a speedy way. But, as a business owner, you must consider the need of users to deliver the simplest solutions. So, with this list of steps, you can get an idea of how to proceed with your fantasy football app development project to provide a simple yet effective user experience. 

  • Firstly, a user downloads your fantasy league app from an aggregator platform such as Google Play Store and App Store
  • Once reaching there, the user needs to log in to their account or can register for a new account. 
  • With this, the users can customise the portfolio and create or manage the teams. However, they get options to create a new team. 
  • Further, there will be options to browse updates, expert commentary, scores, and suggestions to improve trading. 
  • Last but not least, users can earn money using the fantasy football league app. 

The sole purpose of understanding user perception is to create an app that anyone can use without hassle. Therefore, the more user-oriented app you build, the more popular it becomes. So, consider all the crucial things while developing a fantasy football app. 

How Can Fantasy Football Apps Make Money: A Close Insight

It is one of the most important things to consider when you are involved in investing in fantasy game app development. How much you can earn by developing a fantasy football app clears the doubts about ROI. So, here are a few ways in which you can make money through apps for fantasy football games. 

Football Apps Benefits

1. Advertisement

Most fantasy football apps use an advertisement-based model to generate revenue from the app. By displaying advertisements within the application, the app can generate revenue. For instance, interstitial ads, native ads, text ads, banner ads, and video ads are some types of ads you can run to generate money through fantasy football apps.

2. Subscription 

As everyone knows, the fantasy football app engages its audience the most by using ongoing games and sport series. With this, provide a premium experience to use by offering them subscriptions. It can be of different types: weekly, monthly, and annually. Once you indulge the audience with top features, gaining subscribers is a piece of cake. 

3. E-Store Integration

While a fantasy game based-app service provides several features to enjoy online gaming, providing an eStore is another way to monetize the app. Simply integrate an E-store and sell gaming stuff like clothes, shoes, and other accessories. However, it seems a little complex to start with, but it surely helps you generate money. 

4. Fees & Commissions

A major part of the money generated from a fantasy game app is from fees and commissions. The company receives a commission for every match as a reward, and the remaining amount is distributed among the winners. In addition, the app can earn money through sport match rewards as a part of the net revenue. 

5. Free Leagues 

Initially, the app can attract people to fantasy league apps because of free leagues. Once users start understanding how things work on fantasy gaming apps, they use them and engage with the leagues. This way, the app can experience huge traffic and can generate revenue for your app. However, once users start using the app and get benefits, there’s no return, and you can earn money through your app. 

Using the above methods, making money through a fantasy football app is easy. However, you must now focus on the technology for developing your app. 

Technologies Needed for Developing a Fantasy Sports App like NFL, ESPN Fantasy



1. Sports API

Sports API makes things easy for users to get information about league schedules for real or theoretical games. In addition, sports APIs make it simple to access complete data feeds to sports fans. Simply put, using sports API to create a fantasy football mobile app brings top-notch features to get live score data, player report cards, and other stats for odds comparisons. Given are the sports API that you can integrate by contacting a top mobile app development company:

  • RapidApi.com 
  • Goalserve
  • Sportsmonks
  • EntitySports

2. Database Management

Since it involves lots of data and stats, it is crucial to consider the right database management option. Moreover, to create and manage a database, the app needs to let the users read, create, update, and delete information in a database. Thus, choosing a database from the given list will help you:

  • MySQL 
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • PostgreSQL
  • MailChimp Integrations

3. Front End

The most important technology that directly impacts users is the front end. It can provide stellar user interaction, the highest efficiency, and decide the look and feel of your fantasy league app. The design, structure, animation, and almost everything that appears on the app screen depends on your front-end stack for the fantasy football app. Some top choices for front-end technologies for your fantasy football app development project are:

4. Cloud

Since a fantasy soccer app is an Internet-run program that stores data online and executes many processes in the cloud. Cloud is one of the most critical components to creating a robust app. An app consists of data and processing logic as code needs to be run. These top clouds for app development can help you to create a great fantasy football app:

  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • SalesForce
  • AWS
  • Cloud Foundry

5. Payment Integration 

With payment integration, there will be no involvement of third-party at the payment checkout. It enables your app to accept payments online using any channel and device. Here are some great payment gateways options that you can integrate with the help of a sports app development company:

  • Braintree
  • PayUMoney
  • Paypal Stripe
  • E-Wallets
  • Net Banking
  • E-Banking

6. Push Notifications

Unlike SMS, push notifications involve the technology to pop up a message for user actions on the smartphone or the device on which the app is installed. With this, you can engage users immediately with appealing and creative approaches. However, you must opt for a trending technology for push notifications to get traction with users. Given are the technologies that can be the best fit for your fantasy sports betting app:

  • Amazon SNS
  • Twilio
  • Push.10
  • Urban Airship
  • Map
  • AdPushup

7. Real-Time Analytics

Fantasy league games involve lots of data, logic, and mathematics for insights to make precise decisions promptly. For this, real-time analytics is essential. The app must be able to do analytics within a fraction second as soon as the data is received. Moreover, the app requires top real-time analytics tools to integrate into the fantasy mobile app. Check these tools for the fantasy football app development:

Once you find the top technologies for developing the best fantasy football app, it will give you the highest user engagement. In addition, you’ll experience less trouble after the app’s deployment. However, you must be wondering about the cost of developing a fantasy football app to rule the market. Therefore, read the next segment to get all details. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fantasy Football App?

Estimating the actual cost of developing a fantasy football app is challenging. Several factors to consider to finding out the estimated cost of app development. Here are some of the things that can evaluate the cost:

  • Features and functionalities
  • Application platform
  • Complexity of app
  • Used technologies
  • Monetization framework
  • App maintenance & monitoring
  • Geographical location

To get more details on how much it will cost to develop a fantasy football app, contact the experts here!

How to Develop a Fantasy Football App Like the NFL and ESPN Fantasy?

According to the UIGEA guidelines and state legislation, it is acceptable to use fantasy football gaming apps in the US and Europe. Even in Canada, neither recorded criminal cases nor any legal exemptions for fantasy sports have been stated by the Canadian government. 

So, to create an app for a fantasy football game, you must collaborate with the top sports app development company. And Techugo is a top mobile app development company that can fulfil your dream of having the top fantasy game app. Our experienced tech team brings the best solutions to your needs while delivering top-notch products. Therefore, you can connect with us anytime from anywhere. We always welcome your ideas and believe in starting work together. 


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